You do not need AtomicWallet
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You do not need AtomicWallet

By Creepto | Creepto on Crypto | 4 May 2020

Another week, another promotion. Sigh.

After checking out Loopring, and deciding I can do without it, I decided to check this week's offer: AtomicWallet and the 15 AWC I'd get when I install it!
For the life of me, I don't understand why a wallet would need its own coin - unless they're trying to pull a Binance ("you buy our coin, and you get a discount on your transactions if you pay with our coin. Oh, and BTW, good luck trying to pull our coin out of our exchange"). But hey, CoinMarketCap said 1 AWC is worth $0.14, so 15 AWC is a fortune I can't pass. I decided to try it, so you won't have to.

Download and Install

I was not going to install untested software on my OS, so I opted to try it in a sandbox (check this article to learn how you can do the same). I used a sandbox image that contained the nightly build of Brave. I dropped in the link that Publish0x provided, and to to this page:

Download page

I downloaded the Windows version, transferred the installer into my sandbox and ran it. It was pretty quick, and seems like a standard Electron app (Electron is a framework that allows you to package a web app and run it in a built in browser).You are asked to create a wallet, and choose a password. You then get a 12-word recovery phrase for your wallet. Keep that somewhere safe (if you intend to use the wallet later).

Create wallet

You then get to the main screen, showing all the available crypto wallets.

Wallet main screen

Drop the Airdrop

When you click "Settings" you get to a screen that essentially tries to sell you AWC, or a "membership". You are also invited to hold AWC-BNB to get cashback. Clearly, the wallet app is just a carrier for the real business of this company. It's telling that the first screen in Settings doesn't actually provide any settings, but is there to sell you stuff. Another tab is dedicated to buying AWC. And another to their airdrop. The Security tab lets you change your password, and the Private Keys tab lets you retrieve the public-private keys for all the separate wallets (there's a pair per coin).

Wallet settings

The Airdrop tab asks for an email and that promo code from the first screen. It then informs you of the following:

Airdrop tab

To recap this amazing Airdrop offer:

1. You need to provide a (presumably) valid Email to get the airdrop promised.

2. You're expected to use your referral code to trap, sorry, attract other people to use Atomic wallet.

3. A manual verification is required to get this airdrop - meaning someone can decide you won't get it (gee, I wonder if I will, after this post 😁).

4. After all this, wait to the beginning of next month to get anything.

For the record, I've provided an email address about 45 minutes ago, and haven't received anything yet.

Other Features

All other features that Atomic wallet offers, can be found with other free wallets and tools:

1. Exchange - there are many other exchanges that provide better fees, including swap protocols where there are none.


Note: jumping from ERC20 to BTC and vice versa is not covered by any of the free protocols (unless you're good with WBTC), so you can use another wallet or exchange.

2. Buying Crypto - Atomic just uses Simplex - you can use them directly, or connect your credit/debit card/bank account to any of the exchanges you already use.

Buy crypto

3. Staking - almost any exchange and wallet allows staking nowadays.


Bottom Line

I find the premise behind Atomic Wallet - selling you a "membership"; selling you AWC tokens; wrapping around other services you can use directly (probably taking a cut of fees and referrals) questionable. Add to that a slew of typos on the site, and in the wallet - that could have been avoided if anyone bothered to proofread the texts, and this comes across as a half-baked money grab. There are other better wallets out there that don't treat you like a product. 

Disclaimer: To show that I'm not here to promote any alternatives, I did not include any names or links. If you'd like a recommendation for a wallet, exchange, swap protocol etc., please hit me up in the comments and I'll provide some names.

Stay safe!


I'm a developer and technologist, and have tried every framework and gadget at least once. I used to blog religiously and am hoping to find my way back to writing. My current passion is getting "laypeople" to appreciate and use crypto products.

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