Apps Similar to Pi network that allows you to mine crypto that can be valuable in future 2.0


Part 1 of the series


It wasn't included in the series How to earn Crypto for free as it does not have value at the moment, but can be valuable in future.

So going down we come across

  • Sperax Play

Continuing with the app made by people who had made a crypto with value sperax (spa) ranked 1170 by coingecko.

But the problem is that they did not reward us with spa crypto but reward with xp, that according to the project would be  able to be converted to spa in the future. So it has value but not now in the near future.

Welcome to Sperax Play!

Manavjeet just invited you to join his/her Snowball.

【Your Sperax Play invitation code is: k4q6ou】

Learn more about Sperax at




  • Alpha Network

Not know more about the project as started a couple of days back. Just not taking any chances so using it would edit if found any more information.

Here is my invitation code for AlphaNetwork. Use the invitation code: manavjeet. Download the app at

and get 1 Alpha Coin for free!


  • Midoin

pretty different project caught my eye, Midoin where you need to use automine or click the no.of the times to get share in the midoin.

It has a limited supply of 26 million.

It is quite a different project.

Midoin is the first digital coin that can be mined on your mobile.

Use this link to download the free app null and you will get 5x boost on you earnings when you use my username "manavjeetsingh" as your invitation code!

Join now and see why everybody is talking about Midoin lately.




  • Gemini Network

Last for today is gemini network, nothing to be explained completely copy of pi network.

Join me on Gemini Network. Mine the future, for free. Use my email as referral so we can mine together : [email protected]


Download the Gemini Network app from Google Play




Using my referrals would benefit both of us.

Presence of projects in the article does not ensure their legitimacy. These should not be taken as financial advice.


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