Apps Similar To Pi that allows you to mine crypto that can be valuable in future.

Seeing Pi as a role model Some of the more apps come to the picture to allow mining to recieve crypto.

So buckle up and read through the driveway.

  • Timestope

Starting with my favourite Timestope , the simplest  to use. Here you earn tau that team wants to be valued at 1.2 cents in the future. Here a person gets 100 points at the start, which on login on every date gets added by 2 points and if not then lowered by 3 points. The person 's account when came to zero points would get dismissed allowing no further tau mining. These negative points stop at the mark of 200 points.

So what are you waiting for join it.


Welcome to TIMESTOPE!
You have just received an invitation code from user manavahuja.
Click the link below to join us.

Let join TIMESTOPE right away to gain TIME coins by spending your time.
TimeStope - Don't Stop your Time! Just Stope your Time!


  • Bee Network

The second one i come with bee network. Most of you will be familiar to it. For whom not this is almost similar to pi. Click the mine button once per day.

So have me on your team.

Here is my invitation link for BEE Network. Use the invitation code: manavjeetsingh. Download at


  • Eagle Network

The final for today's article is eagle network. that also require only one hit per day.

The difference is that they have  a wheel spinner that can be spinned once per day to get a definite amount of eagles.

So have it and have 10 eagle for free.

Did you missed mining Bitcoin since 2009? Don't miss out again!

Join to mine for free without any hardware.

Free mining of Eagle No Internet needed to mine Eagle No battery drain No data drain

Use my referral code: MANAVJEETAHUJA

Register with Facebook or email or your number at ....



Download Eagle Mining app at


Eagle Network is a New Cryptocurrency with an Elevated Proof of Stale (Epos) Blockchain Launched February 2021.


So on ths note i believe, i believe bee games, timestope to be fully legitmate and have  a small doubt on eagle network. These are mine thoughts. As we not know which one would explode.

Using my refferal would benefit both of us.

This should not be taken as financial advice.



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