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Yes, we are here with a new dog! This time it really is the breed dog and named as a certain 'Kangal' originated in Turkey and a shepherd guard dog breed. It takes its name from the Kangal district of Sivas. Some of the big dogs in the world for clubs and federations recognized by the authorities as a purebred dog breed in the world for the recognition of studies have been conducted in Turkey.

Now that we understand that he is a very strong dog, let's take a look at the crypto part of this. It is this part that concerns us anyway.

Kangal is a DAO building the ultimate dApps ecosystem. The ecosystem will be powered by the utility token (codename $HEEP) that will be minted only through staking KANGAL and KANGAL LPs.

Kangal is available both on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. Litepaper 

Features of the token contract:

    • The total supply of the token is 100 billion.
    • No mint functions are accessible.


    • The token was listed directly on Uniswap with 1 ETH being paired against the total supply.
    • Directly after listing, multiple fresh wallets bought a substantial number of tokens. It is a risk that these wallets may sell large amounts.


  • No ownership-related functions are present.
  • Utilization of Solidity 0.8.0, which has built-in overflow checks; thereby removing the need for SafeMath.

Audit Findings Summary

  • No security issues were identified.
  • Purchases which occurred directly after listing have enabled some wallets to hold and distribute a large number of tokens.
  • Date: March 16th, 2021


Let's see if kangal will become a coin that is

traded like doge ... and give your opinion about kangal or doge in the comments, support the subject!



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