CougarSwap standardizes the diversification on Harmony network.

By Cougarswap Ecosystem | CougarSwap | 6 Oct 2021


DeFi will never be summed up with a few projects, but has differentiated specifically in each blockchain, creating different ecosystems is the current trend of the market. In Q4, 2021 the goal of our project is to expand into the Harmony network.




After very strong growth, Binance Smart Chain has begun to show signs of reaching the threshold when Total Value Locked or BNB value have slowed down, the ETH market conducts too expensive gas fees leads to our development investment in potential new ecosystems will help CougarSwap improve the quality even more in a great wide range of different ecosystems such as POLYGON and FANTOM. Purposely intended to set up a permanent basis ecosystem strategy, focusing on creating partnerships, driving protocol, we adopted HARMONY (ONE) as a decentralized blockchain platform with a high throughput consensus protocol, and to put the market based on a high-performance platform that can support a decentralized economy for a world scale.

Thanks to Harmony’s core technology and advanced solutions, we are able to create effectively and efficiently solved dApps on these current blockchains, helping us to expand and grow strongly especially as we have created many of the most groundbreaking applications. When more and more blockchains are being developed, each one of them has its own potential and brings some value to the users. CougarSwap has assembled a strong foundation with unique insights for our investors by flattering the appearance of a cross-chain DeFi with 3 successful networks launched with our distinctive Yield Farming strategies and the initial development of CBANK.

Finally, the Cross-chain Bridge will be generally accepted to allow the transactions of user’s crypto assets, tokens, or data from one Blockchain to another, which all includes our whole ecosystem resulting in the conceptual operation mechanism as being transferred simultaneously through the future of CougarSwap.

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Cougarswap Ecosystem
Cougarswap Ecosystem

Cougarswap Ecosystem is a long-term DeFi project that has been on the market since May 2021, with the initial BSC successfully deployed we have now held the reputation as one of the most prestigious cross-chain projects in the DeFi market.


CougarSwap - The futuristic generation Yield Farming strategies built on Binance Smart Chain features at highest stability and security level.

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