Indie Game Dev Log: 21/05/2020 (Project Virtual Museum)
Indie Game Dev Log: 21/05/2020 (Project Virtual Museum) Thumbnail

Indie Game Dev Log: 21/05/2020 (Project Virtual Museum)

By Timanious | Coster Graphics | 21 May 2020

Hi good people!

I hope you're all doing good and that you are all keeping your hopes up.. 
The high school that I work for as a guest teacher, has asked me if I want to create a virtual museum/exposition for them, to showcase the students artworks for this school year. Because of the Corona crisis there is no real end of the year exposition for the students at the school's location so a virtual tour will give the students and the parents a fun way to still see all the artworks together at one exposition.  
Because I've had some ideas for creating a virtual museum for a while, I immediately said yes, even though the school doesn't have a large budget for it and even though the deadline is almost inhumane (they basically gave me two weeks. It is so hard to make people realise just how much work creating 3D models and programming interactive things are!).  I just hope that it inspires them and that I can finish it in time.

So for now I just want to show some screenshots of the process and then immediately get back to work:) I hope you all like where this is heading, lemme know what you think in the comments!

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