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12 Great Electronic Music Albums for Increased Creativity AND Productivity, post thumbnail.

Indie Game Dev Log: 11/04/2020 (12 Electronic Music Albums for Increased Creativity AND Productivity)

By Timanious | Coster Graphics | 11 May 2020

Indie Game Dev Log: 11/04/2020 (12 Great Electronic Music Albums for Increased Creativity AND Productivity)

Hey Publish-ers!

Because I do not want to bore you all to death with every small incremental improvement to my game that I'm developing (progress is being made, more on that soon), I decided to publish something different but totally related to my work, which is electronic music:) Music plays a very important part in my creative life because it is such a great catalyst for my ideas and imagination. Music helps me to stay focussed for longer periodes at a time and it always puts me in a better mood. Because music has rhythm it also helps me a lot with working in a consistent pace so I'm usually a lot faster when I listen to music while working. So for that reason I want to share a selection of my favourite albums of the moment and hopefully they will also help you with your creative process.

The reason why I chose the albums below is because in my opinion they are all very unique, interesting and good examples of the diversity of the electronic music genre, a genre in which music can really take any kind of form.
These are all albums that I've 'tested' extensively for their replay value, meaning that they can be enjoyed for many listenings without getting boring. Most of these albums I loved immediately on first listening but there are also some that really require to be carefully enjoyed and listened to, before their beauty and complexity is revealed, like Floating Points's Shadows and Nicolas Jaar's Sirens for instance. 

Anyway,..I really hope you'll enjoy these masterpieces as much as I do!

Cheers guys, and let me know if you enjoy these posts about music so I know to write more in the future:)

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