Splinterlands | Reasons I Bought 6 Legendary Almo Cambio Cards!

By costanza | costanza | 8 Sep 2021

I always like to make posts sharing my personal views on Splinterlands writing about what it is I'm doing to potentially get an edge. Just now, I ended up buying 6 single Legendard Almo Cambio Cards at an average price of around ~30$. Here is why...


My general suggestion this past month has been to be really cautious buying cards since there is not much supply and quite a bit of demand most likely makes it a good strategy to take some profit and be patient for Chaos Legion to be released. This taking profit is exactly what I have been doing and sharing for a while now on both DEC Earnings converting it to Hive when it was below 0.5$ and afterward into USDT while also selling some of my duplicate cards at prices too good to resist (Furious Chicken at 50$). Today however, I believe there is a good buying opportunity that makes some sense in the Legendary Almo Cambio which goes for ~30$. I ended up buying 6 extra singles on top of the 1 I managed to get from one of the reward chests.


Reasons The Almo Cambio Might be a Good Buy at ~30$


1. It's Fully Printed / Reduced Play2Earn Sell Pressure
It happens more often for the price of a reward card to go up soon after (or just before) it gets fully printed. This means that it's no longer possible for players that directly play2earn with the intention to sell rewards they receive to get this card which will reduce the selling pressure. At the same time, there will be many players that hoped to get more of them from the rewards needed to get it at levels 2, 3, or 4 who will no longer be able to earn it needing to buy on the market in order to level them up. Looking at the collections of players who are currently selling them, they are mostly new players that 'got lucky' to get a Legendary drop from the Reward Chests



2. It's a Useful Neutral Card
Neutral cards by default are much more useful and wanted because they can be used in nearly every match. The Almo Cambio has some good use and can be compared to cards like the Lord Arianthus and the Gelatinous Cube which are both cards that are widely used. It is also by far the Cheapest Neutral Legendary Card.



3. Limited Supply / More Players
All the current supply of cards is calculated on a player base of ~10k active players. The total amount of single Almo Cambio cards is 10000 which means there at max can be ~900 Level 4 Almo Cambio Cards. The Number of Active Splinterlands Players continues to grow at a rapid pace now reaching nearly 200k active players. This will require a change in the number of cards from each type that will be printed going forward with a result that these Legendary Cards in the future will be really hard to get your hands on.



4. SPS Airdrop
All Splinterlands assets count toward the SPS airdrop which still lasts 322 days, so each day going forward I will earn a little bit back in SPS from the airdrop from these cards that give 1000 Airdrop points each. Right now each card gives a daily 0.15 SPS as passive returns, if the average over 322 days roughly will be 0.1 SPS and SPS trades at a not unrealistic value of 0.4$, that is 12.88$ in earnings just from a single 30$ card not even calculating the staking rewards from SPS.



5. Rental Income
For now, I will keep these cards as single and I don't need the collection power in order to get the max League I'm competing at so I will be able to deploy these cards on the rental market. These cards are available on the rental market for ~4 DEC a day and likely more near the end of the season which cones at ~10$ in a year passively.



6. Monstermarket Cashback
When you use Monstermarket.io to buy cards on the market, you instantly get a cashback which in the case for 6 Single Almo Cambio cards came at ~825 DEC.


7. Content Material
While this by no means is a driving factor, it certainly is one that is part of the entire equation when it comes down to the purchase. I always try to make content that actually offers some value to the Splinterlands Community which is not always easy to do. Seeing everything lined up for the Almo Cambio being a card that potentially is too cheap made for a good post on which the potential earnings could recover some of the investment. I keep saying how under the radar blogging and its potential to earn and grow in Splinterlands is. As a new player, you can literally buy a card for ~10$-15$, make a post on why you bought it and earn 20$ from that post making it so that you basically bought the card for free getting some on top. How awesome is that!

8. Others Also See The Almo Cambio Opportunity
So I have been thinking about buying these cards the past week but what really made me pull the trigger was seeing the Making Money Youtube channel cover this one as well. So basically some FOMO kicked in knowing I regretted not getting into some similar type of situations in the past where everything screamed 'buy now'.

That's basically it, there is by no means a guarantee that this card will go up in value and the entire Splinterlands market for all I know could crash. Looking at the risk/rewards it really looks like a nice opportunity to re-deploy some of the profit I took out this past month. From here on out, I will likely focus again on the upcoming Chaos Legion pre-sale.

For more Info Around the Splinterlands Game see...






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