Splinterlands | July 2020 Sign-Up Promo Deal

Splinterlands | July 2020 Sign-Up Promo Deal

By costanza | costanza | 1 Jul 2020

I have set myself a goal of promoting the Splinterlands game onboarding 100 active players. Every month, I'm putting up a win-win deal for new players who want to test out the game. This is what I have available on offer for the coming 31 days...


Last month, 11 people ended up trying out the game with 5 who took me up on the deal I'm offering by getting the Summoner's Spellbook which unlocks the rewards from the game. All the Legendary Camila Sungazer Summoners I bought are now leased out. I did manage to buy some more powerful cards to lease out with the affiliate earnings I'm receiving and am also recycling some of the older leased cards in order to be able to continue offering a good deal to everyone that signs up with my referral link.


Signing up using a referral link also will give you 1 free random card from the @sl-giveaways account which is a promotion from the Splinterlands team. Only 17 Cards are currently left in that collection so unless the promotion gets extended it won't last very long.


There are multiple ways to earn money with the game and I break them all down in my Monthly Results & Earnings Report ~630$ in the first 5 months this year) The June Report will follow next week.

May 2020 | +180.384$
April 2020 | +133.927$
March 2020 | +76.153$
February 2020 | +105.25$
January 2020 | +136.44$

To learn how it is easily possible to recover the initial 10$ investment and freeroll the game check this post. For a General Strategy Guide on how to best approach the game check here


The Splinterlands game can be played for free within minutes to see if it's something you might enjoy. (You will be limited in the number of matches you can play daily as a free player and be unable to earn rewards). I will lease out the Creeping Ooze to everyone that gets in my Affiliate Player list (use this link). This way you know for sure that you are on there and will be getting all the card leases when you end up getting the Summoner's Spellbook!


Golden Furious Chicken

The Golden Furious Chicken is an excellent card to earn more DEC as it is a neutral card that has to be included in pretty much every deck when there are low mana rules. Especially when you start to reach higher rankings and earn more Dark Energy Crystals for each game this card over time really pays itself back. I currently have 2 of these available and I will lease them out to the first 2 that sign up from now on out who manages to reach Gold 2 League or higher. From what I've seen, this should be possible to pull just with the Summoner's Spellbook along with all the cards I'm leasing out without requiring any extra investment.


Legendary Cards

I only have 8 of these in total available and a first-come-first-served rule will apply with the strongest (chain golem) going out to the first and so on for the next players that sign up.


Dragon Class Cards

I have 1 Level 2 Daria Dragonscale Epic Dragon Summoner still available which instantly allows playing higher level cards and 3 of those cards at Level 1. I also have 4 Epic Manticore & Firs Spitter cards available. All these Dragon Cards will be leased again first-come-first Served.


Promo cards

These are cards that come from the Essence Orbs Packs which have been sold out so the only way to get them is to buy them on the market. Every single card of these that you use in a battle will also give you a +10% DEC earnings boost!


Current Rare & Epic Reward cards

These are rare & epic cards that can currently be earned by playing the game completing the daily quests. You will already be able to use them from the start while trying to collect them yourself.


Beta & Untamed Pack Cards

These are all cards from the Beta Packs and can only be bought on the market as they are fully printed. Some of them are quite powerful.


Old Reward cards

These are reward cards that were given out in the past and are fully printed ( See Reward Card Status Page) meaning the only way to get them is to buy them on the market.


Current Common Reward Cards

These are the common cards that can currently be earned from rewards. They are quite easy to acquire and I won't be leasing them out by default as it might spoil some of the fun when opening reward chests initially. I don't mind leasing them out to the ones that want them from the start though so feel free to give me a shout in the comments or in discord with the username you signed up with and I'll lease them all out to you.


Some of the cards I only have in limited quantities so you might not get every single one on the list above. I will make sure everyone gets at least 30+ extra cards and will buy more on the market if needed. Leases will stay in place for at least a couple of months for those who continue playing the game while they are building their own card collection.

Feel free to contact me on the SBC Discord Channel (username is costanza#2335) if you have questions or want a more extended experience testing the game for free or speed up the delegation process. This deal most likely will be adjusted next month based on the cards I have available.

Important: Treat games in the first place as games and not as investment opportunities, Splinterlands allows you to earn some money and get good returns but you are much better off flipping burgers in Mcdonalds when looking at the money earned for the time invested.

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