Crypto Earnings Altcoin Investment Portfolio (Update #7 April 2021)

Crypto Earnings Altcoin Investment Portfolio (Update #7 April 2021)

By costanza | costanza | 6 May 2021

I started a small crypto altcoin portfolio 8 months ago with the intention to use some of my active and passive crypto earnings, reinvesting them in some 'crypto moonshots' (See Original Post). This is the update for April 2021.


I continue to add coins and accumulate which at some point will stop and flip toward taking profit to totally get out eventually if there are major signs of reaching a market top. There are still many coins I want a small position in and the overall portfolio with a cost-averaging strategy each month continues to do quite well outperforming Bitcoin now by around 17%.

This is what the coins that were added last month (See Report) did during the last


Both Wagerr (+26.4%) and Cardano (+20.5%) did well last month while Travala (-9%) saw a minor loss. Cub Finance did a -50% and the added coins that come from staking in the Den (33.16% extra coins since I first locked them) did not really compensate for that. It will be interesting to see what happens if more products get released

April Added Coins


I again added 3 more coins I had my eye on last month.


I had my eye on this one for a longer wanting to add it to this portfolio but never got a closer look into it always seeing it go up in price. The video of Kevin Svenson (Link) had me FOMO in at 683$. This was before the VAL airdrop so the price went up quite a bit collapsing afterward to now having recovered. I also added a couple XOR to my main crypto investments portfolio.



I covered Ultra Multiple times on my blog (See Reasons I'm buying Ultra when it was 0.0045$ & Reasons I'm Hodling Ultra when price was 0.66$). Seeing a pull-back to the previous high, I couldn't resist adding some to this portfolio at 0.51$ on April 8th .




I have been wanting to get into Matic for such a long time and guess I choose the wrong Ethereum Scaling Solution in XDAI. With the adoption increasing and the number of users going up a lot I finally gave in and bought into the pump on April 17th to see the price nearly double afterward. I still remember the major pump & dump back in 2019 which looked rather shady which kept me cautious on this one.

I'm still looking to add some more and want some DeFi related coins that run on Bitcoin as there is not that much hype around those yet. Enjin is also a coin I want a small position in despite not really seeing it.





Overall with 1753.86$ invested each month a little bit, the portfolio is now at 4317.04$ which comes at around 2.5k profit.


That's it for this month, for now evertything stays the same and I continue to grind it out as the market remains in an uptrend with a lot more upside potential.

Crypto Exchanges that I am using...







Important: By no means take this post and these coins as investment advice. Rather see them as entertainment or motivation to possibly start your own altcoin portfolio growing it over time.



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