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By costanza | costanza | 4 Sep 2020

I have always wanted to take some of my crypto earnings and use them to slowly build an altcoin portfolio with smaller positions on many different coins hoping it ends up having one of those 100x Moonshots. Today I finally started doing this.


There is something about blogging that really helps me to be less lazy and actually focus on achieving the goals I set for myself. In that way, it's kind of a red line in all my blogging as I make most posts and articles in the first place with a function for myself. It doesn't matter if it's Sports Betting, Splinterlands, Learning Technical Analysis, Gambling Dapp Dividends, Passive Crypto Earnings, and now this Altcoin Crypto Portfolio.

Investing Strategy

I will try to set at least ~50$ of my passive/active crypto earnings aside each week and use it to buy coins to add to this portfolio. I watch quite a lot of crypto youtube and see a lot of altcoins being shilled. These will be my main guide and I will use my own judgment to avoid the pure pump & dumps trying not to jump the bandwagon after it already pumped too much. Coins I take bigger positions on in my main portfolio won't get in there. Once a coin is bought, the intention is just to keep it sitting there and maybe take out the initial investment in case it would go x3-x5. The stakes for each coin will be fairly flat and I will track the price evolution both in USD and against BTC. I will be making occasional blogposts with progression updates and new coins I added. The exchanges I will be using are Binance | Hotbit | Kucoin | Poloniex | Bitfinex. That's pretty much it.

These are the initial coins I bought to start off this portfolio...



This coin has some insane hype behind it and already has a 4 Billion dollar market cap. I want to have some of it but don't want to take a big gamble on it right now so I see it perfect for this Altcoin portfolio. I bought 10 DOT for ~49$ on Binance



Pretty much only Chico Crypto (Who's Youtube Channel I have grown to love) has this one as a top pick. It's hard to say based on the 300 Million dollar market cap it is still under the radar though. I'm happy to take a little gamble on it in this portfolio. I bought 5 EWT on Kucoin for ~52$



Utrust is said to be the Paypal of crypto and has some big partnerships already with many who are speaking quite highly of it while it's still not on any of the major exchanges. I'm happy to put this one in this portfolio. I bought 300 UTK for ~44$ on Kucoin



A supply chain project that has been building for a while and has some good partnerships. The market cap is currently only ~65 Million compared to the 800 Million for Vechain. I bought 250 TRAC for ~51$ on Kucoin



This is one of those very low cap projects I don't mind taking a tiny stab at. It was one of the picks of Hashoshi in his video ( Link) on low cap coins with potential. Recently there was a crazy pump and it has retraced back by now. This one more than the others is a pure gamble. I bought 6500 KEY for ~20$ on Binance.

That's it for now, I will be adding more coins to this portfolio along the way and try to do a monthly update on it.


Crypto Exchanges I'm using...






Important: By no means take this post and these coins as investment advice as I did very little to no actual research myself on them. Rather see these posts as entertainment or motivation to possibly start your own altcoin portfolio.


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