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By Cosmonauta | Cosmonaut | 7 Feb 2022

What is Decentr is all about? 

As they claim: "Use your data as a payable value" You retain the payable value assigned to the secure data you generate on Decentr. Own your personal user data Each visit online remains part of your personal ID, which is stored securely on your DecID Stake or become a validator Easy staking using Decentr browser Explorer."

So basically Brave Browser but totally onchain, and you decide what to do with your data: thus you browse to earn.

Decentr Website

What is so important about this project?

For me most important part of this project that it is an IBC enabled block chain which means it's very convenient for interchain interactions and they are publishing cross platform browser based on chromium (you can check the project on github as well). 

As on their roadmap for 2022 Q1. it seem like they are getting listed on osmosis  which is huge. Osmosis Zone was the most important driving force behind the $ATOM's success this year. So, not only you can trade between Cosmos Ecosystem's important projects and Decentr. you can also add Decentr pairs to the liqudity pools and earn crazy rewards as OSMO & DECENTR

You can take look around this Decentr browser now or at least you should keep an eye on the project. which has an integrated wallet for its DEC, dHUB and planned dVPN integration: yet simple and intuitive all-in-one solution.




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