Vaultoro: Smartest way to take crypto profits (and great affiliate programme!)

By connecteconomy | Conscious Crypto | 9 Sep 2020

What will you will do when Bitcoin's price goes through the roof?

During the last bull run, I didn't sell my crypto assets. Neither Bitcoin nor any of my favorite altcoins.

I just wanted to hodl.

While my philosophy has not changed (Why would I ever want to sell Bitcoin??) I did realize over time, that if I take profits at the top and buy back in at the bottom, I can increase the amount of Bitcoin I hold, rather than just hoping its value will go up.


So this time around, I want to be a little smarter. In the volatile crypto market it's important to take profits every now and then, in order to gradually build wealth long-term.

But how are you going to take profits?


Will you sell your coins for fiat?

Will you sell for a stable coin? 

Neither option makes sense to me. Given the ever growing inflation of our fiat currencies, I do not want to park my profits in a currency that will keep losing value. Nor do I want to use a so-called "stable" coin that is pegged to such a fiat currency. 

The only thing that makes sense is to sell for Gold. Gold is a true hedge against fiat inflation, just like Bitcoin, however with much less volatility. 

And luckily, there's an exchange that offers exactly that: trading between Bitcoin and Gold.


On Vaultoro, you can sell your Bitcoin or Dash for Gold. It is a custodial exchange, so make sure you are aware of the risks. There are only a very few centralised exchanges I trust in this space, but Vaultoro is one of them. I've known them for a while and I've met part of their team, so I have a good feeling about them. But you have to do your own research of course. 

So during the next bull market, I will sell some Bitcoin for Gold and park it there until prices go down again and it's time to buy back in. 

Fancy half a gram of Gold? 

For those of you who like affiliate programs, this is really neat. I've never earned affiliate commission in Gold before! 

You know how it works: you invite a friend and if they make a trade of a certain minimum you both get a gift! In Vaultoro's case the minimum trade is €500 and the gift is half a gram of Gold! (Do check their website for the exact terms, as they have changed over time and might be updated again by the time you read this in the future.) 

So, if you would like half a gram of Gold, here is my invite link. You can then change the Gold you earn to Bitcoin or Dash (now that prices are still low) and once they go to the moon, you change a bit back and take some profits! Then you keep those profits in Gold until crypto prices crash again, and then you buy back in.

Rinse and repeat :) 

I received my first affiliate commission yesterday and decided to exchange it for Dash! 


Anja Schuetz helps absolute beginners to become confident crypto investors and create a Plan B for their financial future. She is the author of How To Stay Safe in the Crypto Space - a crypto safety guide for beginners - and offers free educational crypto resources on her website. She also consults as a Customer Communication & Operations Manager for blockchain start-ups.   

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