Is Alt-Season about to confirm its next Move.

By Conortrades1 | conortrades | 11 Nov 2019

Hi All;

       The debate about Alt-season is the same before the start of every bull market for the Alt's.

But i think with above the average probability that Altseason is only around the Corner.

And we can use Technical Analysis to give us the Advanatge.

Keeping TA simple is the secret and understanding how the charts work with all the tools provided to you is also key.

But for now i will show you Support and resistance lines and how powerful they are once you understand how they work.

The charts below are All of Crypto excluding BTC from the charts.


The first chart below is the above chart which shows the  strongest Support/Resistance line for Crypto assets in its history

You can see the similarities inside the two green boxes. ANd What i can the U-Boat formation in the Volume indicator. It can propel you out of the water or sink you to the bottom of the sea :).


2019 - 2020 Alt-Season

The U-Boat formation has formed for the increase in Volume. Will We break the surface of the Water and explode up out of it, or will we get bombed and sick to the bottom of the sea. 😊


2017 - 2018 Alt-Season


U-Boat formed on the Volume just before 2017 – 2018 explosion in price.




Rsi is pretty close to the resistance line and just before the Bull market started in 2017-2018 Alt-season.

Other ocillators and Indicators are bullish on a few time frames.


Volume increase seen on the volume indicator just before the explosion in price of Alt-coins.



Altcoins Increase in Precentage in 2017 - 2018

55,000% Roughly


Just to give you visually what it looks like on a chart.

55,000% increase in a trade.


Future Altcoins Outlook.


Possible date for Next ATH. 21-September-2020



Alt-season is on The strongest Support and Resistance line in it history and the other indicators that i teach are showing positive signs of a Run to the upside. High probability of being positive.

But as i have said in previous posts if that Support and resistance line is broken to the lower side and the candle closes on the lower side of the line then this could be very Negative for Alt-coins.


This is for Educational Purposes only.

Not Financial Advice.

Keep trading simple

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I have been in the Telecoms and digital securities industry for more than 15 years and i have been trading in Stocks, and forex for 24 year plus and crypto the last 3 years. I have tool box of trading skills and my goal is to make trading simple for all


I have been an Engineer in the Telecoms and digital securities idustries for more than 15 years and i have been trading stocks and forex for over 20 years and trading Digital assets for more than 3 years.

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