My first 9 days as a publishox writer.

.   Well, any kind of writing actually!!

       Welcome to my 11th article. I have just started recently writing. Before 9 days ago, I haven’t wrote a thing, except for some Reddit posts or whatever. After using Publishox for awhile,I decided to give writing a shot. Today, I’m going to take a quick recap of the first 9. 

 More than I expected 

     After reviewing my atats, the numbers were a lot higher than I expected.   I had published 9 articles. My total number of article views was 3,687. Considering I just started writing, I feel like the numbers are pretty decent and I am very pleased with it. I also noticed that my articles which were of a more personal nature, or those reminding people not to lose faith or hope, were my most viewed types of stories. At the end I will link the top 3 stories. 

   I gained a respectable 11 followers. Thank you guys for following along. I really appreciate ya!!

    My stories got 71 likes and 4 dislikes.   This was also pretty decent I feel like and I am satisfied with that.

 As of the time of this story, I made $1.69 in USD. I can’t give you the amount of crypto I received as it is mixed in with my rewards for reading.



   As I promised earlier, here are my top 3 posts by number of views!

These days won’t last forever

total views—691



   Amp—-be early for the revolution!!

total views—-543

total likes—-5


 A little perspective in rough times


total views—-478

total likes——11



 So that’s it!  All in all it’s been a pretty great experience. With being new to writing, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But all in all, it turned out to be a pleasant experience . 

    If you enjoyed this story, please consider tipping and also following along. I’m just a working shmuck like most of you, and I write about everything from cryptos to price action to personal experiences. 

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I like crypto. How I got here I’m not quite sure. I went from a hard partying, outlaw motorcycle club member to a father of two, investing in crypto to achieve a better life for me and my two little boys

Confessions of a crypto enthusiast
Confessions of a crypto enthusiast

The life,times and adventures of a former,hard partying biker who started investing after my son was born. Eventually I discovered crypto and then the real adventure began!

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