A little perspective in rough times

    What a day!! We woke up to find the charts deep in the red. I imagined if Reddit was a real world place,there would be mass rioting,homicides and suicides. On every corner would be the end time prophets and doomsayers, reciting their familiar mantra of the end is near. And for many people,especially newcomers to the crypto space,it surely feels that way!

     My first crash happened in May. I remember in the months leading up to that,I was feverishly buying all I could,convincing myself it was only gonna keep going. But it didn’t. Down she came. I panic sold some of my coins, and thankfully held others. I started realizing very quickly that it was a blessing in disguise. I was able to keep buying ETH and BTC and all the while slowly lowering my average for each coin. In the months that followed,it was very nice to see myself in considerable profit once we returned to the previous price of my average. 

    A great opportunity.

         And that’s exactly what we have here now. For myself it’s a chance to add to my holdings near my current average. And for many others,it will be their chance to average down. Actually,I am expecting to lower my average. Sorry guys but I feel like EatH is gonna come back to 1700s and BTC around 32k. Don’t hate me I’m just being honest!

      Don’t despair and panic sell though. A great way to hold on to your bag is to stake or lend it. I use Celcius although there are many great options out there. I just recently wrote an article in which I reviewed Celcius and there’s some good info in there so go check it out. At the end,I will post my referral link. If you use it we can both get $50 of BTC for free.  Once you have it staked,it doesn’t become a big concern. And best of all you still keep earning the same amount of coin. The dollar amount will fluctuate but no worries. 
     Here’s a couple tips to get you through the dip

  • Stake your bags! Great way to earn some passive compounding income
  • Dont panic sell
  • Have an Exit and entry strategy. Don’t be scared to set some buy orders lower than you think it will go
  • Close the charts and have some non crypto time. Set a stop loss if necessary and walk away

   Have fiat. It will get better. Blockchain technology has a promising future. And if you were confident when it was booming,be sure the reasons are still there when it’s busting. Look none of this is financial advice. I’m just an old scooter tramp who stopped parting and started investing when my first son was born. I go to work every day just like the rest of the shmucks and realize how important money is in this world. Until the next time my friends, don’t let your meat loaf!

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   Here’s my Celcius link. Check it out you’ll be glad you did!

Join Celsius Network using my referral code 113068c979 when signing up and earn $50 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! #UnbankYourself


   It should be noted that your transfer does not need to maintain its value to qualify for the BTC but you do need to keep it locked up for 30 days or we don’t get squat. Lol

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I like crypto. How I got here I’m not quite sure. I went from a hard partying, outlaw motorcycle club member to a father of two, investing in crypto to achieve a better life for me and my two little boys

Confessions of a crypto enthusiast
Confessions of a crypto enthusiast

The life,times and adventures of a former,hard partying biker who started investing after my son was born. Eventually I discovered crypto and then the real adventure began!

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