A Crypto Project Like No Other

A Crypto Project Like No Other

Warning: This IS financial advice.

Don't do your own research, because I've done all the research you need.

In other words, trust me. I've written all these words, so you know I'm a good guy.

So what magic do I have for you today? Only the newest, most lit, hypest tech ever available (note: it won't be available in the future and nothing better will be available - the best is only available RIGHT NOW). You know this is some good shtuff because it's limited to only the first 50 people who do the following:

  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Follow me on Rumble
  • Join my Telegram channel (#ThisisNotaScamNotAScamIPromise)
  • Connect your wallet to this project
  • Stake $1,000 in the fiat money of your choice
  • Send 30 tweets declaring that you would sell body parts for me
  • Share the website 17 times (exactly) -- any more and you do not qualify
  • Must not have done your own research

Do this and you'll be entered in a drawing to win access to the white paper of the drawing for the opportunity to be entered in another contest to get access to the faucet of this new technology coin! Who wouldn't want that?

Oh, don't forget that doing this means you have signed up for a 12-month contract where you promise to dance like a drunk Brit on fire and send me video proof or I will charge you $1.00/day maintenance fee on your account.

Donate -- I mean stake today! I might even tell you the name of the coin!

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Comedies of the Cryptoverse
Comedies of the Cryptoverse

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