Earn Tokens DEFI free, in coinmarketcap🤑🐱‍🏍

Earn Tokens DEFI free, in coinmarketcap🤑🐱‍🏍

By Klo | collaborative economy | 16 Aug 2020

Hello!! I have not published anything for a long time and I have found this, it seems interesting since you learn and earn decentralized economy tokens. On the coinmarketcap website they have "copied" the COINBASE earn, it is very, very similar.

We don't care, they fight to be the best and let us earn a few dollars while we learn.

If you enter the website of http://coinmarketcap.com/earn/#whatcrypto you can subscribe to receive notification of new projects that are launched.



After subscribing with your email, you must register on the coinmarketcap website if you have not done so before. Registration is very simple, they send you an email and paste the verification code to participate in the "DEFI airdrop"
Right now they are giving away a token called BAND, it is a DEFI protocol, if you are interested you can receive 10usd by entering one of your BAND wallets, In coinbase, binance or huobi, copy your wallet and your MEMO and voila ... The only one The way you have to claim the tokens is by answering 7 questions, which I encourage you to discover by watching the videos they propose, you learn and win ... all great.




I encourage you to do it as soon as possible, since there are only a few days left until this knowledge lesson about this new protocol is finished.





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collaborative economy

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