Discover a private key with this app TOOL🛠🛠🖥⌨

Discover a private key with this app TOOL🛠🛠🖥⌨

By Klo | collaborative economy | 24 Oct 2020

Hello publish0x family, today I bring you a tool that seems super useful to recover a private key from an inaccessible wallet.
To make good use of this tool, I recommend clicking with the right button of the mouse on the web and hitting save as, to execute the recovery of the private key locally and more safely.

Once the web is saved on your desktop (for example) you can continue as usual. Although I have searched the web and it says it is totally safe to do it online, I would prefer to do it this way.

First save the web on your desktop
Second open the file locally on your pc
Choose how many words your key has
Write the words
Choose the coin

To be able to recover a minimum private key we must know the seed, in this way we will reach the private key in a few clicks.

The Derivation Path is usually by default and in almost all BIP44 wallets, on the web you have more information about these routes in case you want to deepen more about it.


Once you have written all your seed, at the bottom of the web you will find a list of public and private addresses. The one you need is the first. I encourage you to try it so you can see that it really works. It's a bit scary in my opinion. You can create any wallet and in Mnemonic, in the section of the first photo that I shared in this post, choose the type of currency.

c7336f152c1a59eff0c6a9a8ae9304c6c9064c00cdd9be2a734b157167509706.pngI also encourage you to check my blog, I have 4 useful website entries for blockchain. 

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