#Part 3, useful blockchain websites

By Klo | collaborative economy | 19 Aug 2020

In this article I want to share the useful websites that I am finding about cryptocurrencies, I hope you like it and discover some web by visiting this article.
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1️⃣ https://www.freestockcharts.com/
Still completely free and no credit card required. You get stunning charts, all US stocks & options, dozens of indicators, delayed streaming data, option chains, even free practice trading. All inside the award-winning TC2000 software for FREE.Layout_lightBlue-1.png

2️⃣ https://www.marketwatch.com/ 
On this website you can find the latest news related to the economy to keep the fundamentals in mind and not miss an opportunity to buy or sell assets

3️⃣ https://app.santiment.net/
This website is very interesting for its content, you can see all kinds of graphs, configure alerts, explore insights, it even has an academy to learn. highly recommended.

4️⃣ https://coin360.com/
highly recommended website to monitor the price of all cryptocurrencies and tokens, highly configurable and with many filters


5️⃣ https://airdropalert.com/Airdrop Alert Logo
Although I am not very fond of airdrops, on this website you can enter many on a daily basis. They usually select the best ones and those that work, after trying it for a while I did not get rich, hehe, but some pennies I have won.

6️⃣ https://haveibeenpwned.com/
Interesting web too, here you can check if any of your emails have been compromised or compromised on the web.';--



breaking newsNoticias sobre EthereumNoticias sobre Bitcoin

Very good wallet for Ethereum and tokens, also non-fungible tokens. It is the wallet par excellence since it allows you to have your wallet disconnected from the network and give your wallet an extra point of security. compatible with metamask and extensions in the browser, it also has a mobile version.


#Part 1, useful blockchain websites
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