Should I invest in crypto, gold or real estate?

What Are You Going to Stack Except Bitcoin?

By Coins Reporter | Coinsreporter | 11 Apr 2024

Ahh! That's the umpteenth time you would listen but I have to say it, "We can't really put all our eggs in one basket." Can we? Okay, I understand, some of us may be putting them in one basket, the basket that's recently been most fruitful — the basket of Bitcoin.   TBH I find nothing wrong and have no objection to someone practising unswerving faith in anything they choose. It's IMO should remain a personal choice as far as investments or efforts with someone's money are concerned.   Bitcoin is the best investment. It's running ahead of everything else   That being said, I would like to clarify that I have always been a person who strides with caution, albeit not everywhere but especially with my financial decisions. For the last three years, I've been stacking Bitcoin with full force. I have deployed almost all of my savings including our emergency funds into Bitcoin. It's not that I've stopped earning, but yes, I left my job in December last year. I have some sources of earning like two hectares of agriculture land, a small level school and a house put on rent in the town. These sources are more than enough for my family's survival and for saving good amounts overall.   As I mentioned that for the last three years all of those savings have been placed into Bitcoin and I am still doing it. But, today as I was sipping up my bed tea, suddenly my conscience asked me, "Why don't you find another great stacking option?" And since then this question has been rumbling inside my mind. Now, it's midnight here and because I'm tired of this fuckin' rumbling, I need help so I want to ask all the Stackers here  —  

  • Is it worth stacking anything else than Bitcoin?
  • If yes, what are the best options we have?
  • How do you view about stacking of real-estate or Gold in addition to Bitcoin?

Disclaimer: I'm not asking anything about shitcoins or fiat. I like real-estate as investment vehicle because I believe it's one of the best regenerative and recurring source of income.  

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