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Here's Your Gift of $25 in Bitcoin

By Coins Reporter | Coinsreporter | 26 Sep 2023

If you are thinking that I am talking about a gift card from Binance or a direct donation, my friend, I intend nothing like that. Besides I am talking about a free gift for each other. 

Yrs it's true that we both can gift $25 to each other and that too without any risk. Now let me reveal the secret. 

In 2022, I came accross a crypto platform called NEXO. Initially I was too hesitant to deposit any asset because I thought that the high APY offered by the platform seemed unrealistic and unsustainable. However I now have to admit that I was wrong and NEXO has stood strong even amidst the storm of bankruptcy for most of the lending platforms like Celsius, Voyager, Alameda, Blockifi and others.

As I said that at first look NEXO seemed unsustainable but now I have full faith in the platform. My faith does not come with a blind love for the platform but it's based on facts and fundamentals. Let me tell you my positive observations about NEXO.

  • First up is NEXO is now old enough and has lived up to the faith of the crypto community. It has already processed more than $30+ million in transaction and boasts over 1.5 million users in almost every country around the globe.

NEXO security Standards and worldwide presence

  • Secondly, the value of all assets held by NEXO is insured for more than $375 Million by world's leading custodian service providers such as Ledger and Bakkt. 
  • Third is Armanino LLP, a US based auditor who also performs audits for UBER and Kraken, offers a real time audit of NEXO's assets.

Overall NEXO is much more secured than most other exchanges or crypto lending firms in the business. We can trust in the sustainable business model by NEXO until all the above mentioned security features are intact with the company.

Now let's come back to the point how we can gift each other $25 in Bitcoin. It's quite simple all you need to do is:

  • Deposit $100 or more (preferably in Stablecoins),
  • Maintain minimum $100 for a month, 
  • Pass the KYC and that's it.
  • Your bonus balance in Bitcoin will show up as soon as you Sign up, however it's only unlocked when you successfully complete one month.

How to get $25 as bonus on Nexo

To qualify for the bonus gift of $25 in Bitcoin, your balance must remain at least US$100 for 30 days. It's better to avoid risk and deposit $100 in Stablecoins. You can also deposit other currencies but be aware that you can't let them fall below $100 for even a day.

Overall NEXO is one of the best crypto platforms that guarantees you a secured environment for your hard earned money. Also it provides one of the best yields for upto 20% yearly which is is unmatched. So join the NEXO platform, deposit $100 (for which you get interest paid on a daily basis) and help me sustain my crypto carreer. Also this way you can help yourself. That's a give and take equally, isn't it? 

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