CURES Project Urges the Need of Healthcare Decentralization

CURES Project Urges the Need of Healthcare Decentralization

By Gato1 | coinreviews | 30 Apr 2019


The wellbeing of humans is a standout amongst the most essential aspects of the world. It is being tended to by numerous offices, including the WHO, the world Bank, and, obviously, the UN. Because of such organizations, man has as of late possessed the capacity to discover approaches to treat and keep various hazardous illnesses, for example, tuberculosis, malaria, smallpox and others.

Regardless of this, the advanced restorative framework is a long way from impeccable and has various inadequacies that negatively affect human wellbeing, including:

constrained access to wellbeing. administrations because of organization, weakness protection and emergency clinic separations;

low nature of activity of installment frameworks, what quiet installments might be postponed or dismissed;

surprising expense of access to quality medicinal services;

centralization of the therapeutic framework causing issues in getting to medicinal information;


the absence of a legit arrangement of audits of therapeutic organizations, which regularly deludes patients;

the nonattendance of a notoriety framework for doctors.

The answer for every one of these issues will be another therapeutic stage made based on Blockchain innovation, called #CURES.



The primary objective of the CURES venture engineers is to completely decentralize the social insurance framework and make an increasingly straightforward and dependable framework that enables progressively powerful choices to be made with respect to the treatment of customers and the selection of pros.

Guideline of activities on the Cures platform

Crafted by the stage will be given by the accompanying 6 utilitarian components:

 HAPP store; 

 electronic therapeutic record; 

 stage for the arrangement of wellbeing; 

 commercial center and rating framework; 

 exchanging stage; 

 beneficent establishment. 

Think about every one of the above components in one detail image


HAPP store will be displayed as an extraordinary application store, adding to the enhancement of human wellbeing. There will be a great deal of projects that will take a shot at cell phones and PCs. This store will have both the undertaking's very own applications and programming made by outsider engineers. Every application will be sold utilizing the interior token of the stage. The main application propelled inside the structure of the stage will be the vision program for visually challenged, which has the endorsement of various restorative foundations.


The second part of the venture will be electronic medicinal records controlled straightforwardly by patients. Because of this arrangement of records, patients will most likely get interviews on the web. Note that an individual can counsel a few pros in the meantime, which will permit to build up a conclusion all the more precisely based on master suppositions. Also, the records can turn into a wellspring of salary for the patient, as he will almost certainly pitch individual information to different restorative research facilities and foundations.


No less vital is the stage for human health care services , which will permit to finish up shrewd contracts among patients and social insurance experts. Savvy contracts will completely guarantee the interests of the two gatherings and enhance the wellbeing framework. Note that these agreements can be finished up both at the present time and for work that will be performed later on. Along these lines, it will be conceivable to totally dispense with the development of lines.


Another part is the commercial center joined with the rating framework. This component of the framework will be utilized to locate the vital master, finish up a concurrence with him and make a proper evaluation. Hence, patients will almost certainly pick just the best specialists. Note that the appraisal will be issued simply after the consummation of the brilliant contract, which will give a legitimate rating to every one of the authorities.


The exchanging stage propelled inside the system of the CURES undertaking will be displayed as a business channel for medicinal gear. Here, providers of particular gear will almost certainly offer their items to both restorative foundations and patients straightforwardly, barring go-betweens, which will give lower costs and ideal conditions.


The philanthropy Fund will be utilized by the stage to give restorative consideration in the poor areas. This Fund will be framed to the detriment of the stage's pay (in the measure of 5 percent of the complete pay), just as through deliberate gifts.

The primary methods for installment for the stage will be CURES tokens, which can be acquired amid open deals.

ITO dates and subtleties

The designers have discharged 500 million coins, of which 175 million will be sold amid private and open deals. Open deals will be held from March 1 to April 30 this year. The expense of the first CURES in this period will be 0.001 ETH.


The dispersion of tokens is as per the following:Screenshot_20190212-012401.jpg

**To conclude
The CURES stage can end up a standout amongst the best arrangements in the field of human services by giving greatest comfort to patients and the most positive conditions for workers of restorative establishments and providers of medicinal hardware. This stage will likewise bear some significance with the services of wellbeing of numerous nations. In this manner, putting resources into its advancement at a beginning period can be entirely gainful for financial specialists.

**The guys and ladies that made up the Cures Team are all top notch individuals that have enough experience to uplift Cures project, pictorial view of them in the image *

Official resources of the CURES project:


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