Good News Now you can connect your Brave Android to uphold Maybe This Month 🥳
Brave android + Uphold Wallet integration coming soon

Good News Now you can connect your Brave Android to uphold Maybe This Month 🥳

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 11 Jun 2020

Brave Browser has  come as an alternative of Chrome and Many people have switched from Google Chrome To Brave Browser and I am  one of those 😇.


But Why? 


Are you really asking 🤨 this if yes then please read this article 📖 


All Brave users have power to support their favorite content Creator By Tipping BAT TOKEN without sharing any details  🤨  you can also tip US.



And the Good news is that every Brave Desktop user can easily withdraw their BAT  in his Uphold Wallet  🤑 but this feature is not available for smartphone 📳 users  😒  and the good news is this is coming on Android.

Means now you can easily withdraw your BAT token in UPHOLD on Android.



They have launched 🚀 the Brave Nightly version for Android and when  I downloaded that version I found verify wallet option there 😌   so I asked with Brave Team and their answer is 


Serg the Senior Software manager on Brave has share that they are planning to release it in June mean in this month 🤗

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That's awesome 👍 


So don't forget to share this Good News with your friends and if you're not a brave user And want to support us then Download Brave Browser using our referral link :-

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