My crypto story and holdings.

My crypto story and holdings.

By CryptoOddish | Claudio | 2 Feb 2019

Hey. :) 

I would like to tell you my story how i got into crypto and what i think of it. 



I would like to introduce myself short. My name is Claudio and im 25years old. I live in Switzerland and work in a normal job 5 days per week. Im cleaning to earn my money and i like it.

I think my first time i heard about bitcoin was in 2013 when i was out of school and searching for a job. It sounded interesting for me but it was way to complicatet and unsecure to buy some and i dont had a credit card. So i just forgett about it.

Then in 2015 i was outside with some friends and they talk about the darknet and how they buy stuff with bitcoin there. at this moment i think the price was around 250$ per bitcoin. sadly i only earn like 750$ per month so i still dont bought me some. 

In juni 2017 i was just watching shit on youtube and then i found some crypto youtubers. dont know anymore how i found it and why. At this moment i saw the price was way higher then ever and i decidet now i will do some research and so i startet to read and watch everything i found about crypto and blockchain. i have to admit i dont get everything but i get the main point. its something much bigger then just making fast money. it's something revolutionary. 

I was mentaly ready to buy some crypto and i saved a good amount of money from the years i worked. end of july 2017 i bought my first satoshis. :D

It was around 0.27btc that i bought on the train station. (in switzerland you can buy btc on every train station)

I send the 0.27btc to bittrex and i bought me some xrp. (at this time the btc fomo was starting slowly)

From august to december my btc and xrp go up like crazy and i tought i get rich like all. lol

I bought some more btc and just enjoy the christmas time with my family. 

After christmas the price start to go down but my mindset was and is still very strong. its not about making fast money. its about changing the world. so i hodl. when the price was around 6k i tought it go possible more down so i was searching for new projects that let me stake coins to make maybe even in this bad time some money. i was extremly lucky and got into scc that had a very good pump. i make around 2btc. but i was unlucky because the project got hacked so i sold all for like 1 btc. i was still happy to make some btc in the downtrend. 

The next think i found out was that bitcoin cash will fork and i planned to short it because it was not my first time i traded a fork and was right. (nxt fork was amazing for me. bought bottom and sold highest point)

So i shortet bitcoin cash. i can only say it was the perfect timing. i take my profit out and was standing at around 2.btc in my portfolio tracker. It was a good feeling :)

On the 14 december of 2018 i had some cash ready on coinbase and i nailed that bottom too. i bought 0.4btc. So I had 2.4btc. On this day i decidet to split my investment into 3 coins.  and this i hold for ever and only try to add more. 

These are my 3 coins that i will hodl. 

Bitcoin my love and always my nr1. 

Hold:  1 Bitcoin (everybody should have at least 1 bitcoin)

Ethereum just a super good project. 

Hold: 33 Ethereum ( im looking forward for staking it and make a nice passiv income out of it in some years)

Neo chinese ethereum.

Hold: 199 Neo (claiming gas is nice)                     

These Coins together make up my 2.4btc. 

Thats still the situation today. i would make much more money if i sold in the right moment but i think that i managed to come out with a positiv balance is already lucky enough. for me its about making more btc at the moment. i dont care about the btc/usd price short term.

Now im waiting for the next dip so i can buy again some new coins. 

But im not sure if i should buy more of my 3 favorites or if i should maybe search more projects that have potential in my eyes. Would be nice to hear some opinions of you guys and what you plan to buy and WHY.

I will research bat, vet, dnt and mana. For me these look interesting at the moment.

That was my first post here i hope you enjoyed it and im sorry for my bad english. i just write out of my head. 

Peace & Love


EDIT: i bought 150k vechain coins (vet) at 108sat per. 6.2.1019

EDIT 2: i sold my neo and hodl now more btc. 1,475 btc,33 eth,150k vet. 




just all i have in my head.

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