Uphold FINALLY Adds a Low Transaction Fee Coin Worth it!

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 12 May 2021

I remember long long ago back when Brave and Uphold first partnered up and one was able to transfer their BAT from Uphold for no fee at all....... Oh, the good old days that allowed me to spin my BAT distributions into investments in other crypto projects. When they initially stopped the free transactions that was only for small amounts of BAT and the last time I heard anyone finding it being moved for free you had to be sending at least 100 BAT.


I could understand why Uphold decided that those sending ~$0.40 in BAT around on the Ethereum chain had to pay some sort of fee when it moved up to 100 BAT I starting to look for alternatives to move my BAT out of Uphold. While I have used DASH to move it I did not really know much about the project and I used Stellar Lumens for a while but again it was not a project that I really looked at for long-term holding. Due to this, my BAT was essentially locked up in the Uphold wallet. I figured once the DEX launched and Brave launched their own wallet that they would create a link as they did for the mobile iOS users to transfer your BAT. 


Uphold though added a coin though that's project I love and whose outlook I feel really confident about. Tezos or XTZ was added! I personally hold almost all of my Tezos in a Ledger wallet where the staking or Baking as it is called on the Tezos blockchain has a much greater yield on Ledger Live than on Coinbase. With the cheap transaction fees, I can now turn my BAT into something I actually want and then send it to my Ledger Live to compound itself! Finally, I am able to unlock my BAT and actually use its value!

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Graduated from Texas A&M in May of 2020 had dabbled in crypto since 2017 but dove in at the end of 2019. December of 2020 packed up and moved to D.C.! Huge sports fan, space nerd, and international newsreader! Follow me on Twitter @Cje95_

Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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