My Crypto Earnings for May 2023

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 8 May 2023

I might be a little late but in my opinion, it is better late than never! I took these numbers at the first of the month so some of them like the Publish0x earning might be a little off but not too much. This month I definitely had my fair share of wins but also my fair share of losses which I will talk about later. 


The Good

Starting off with a banger on the Brave Browser I pulled in a whopping 10.608 BAT this month. This has easily been one of the top months for using a single computer that I have had in a hot minute. What I think lead to this huge increase was that I needed three computer screens at work and so I brought in my laptop and used that as the third one. I think this move as well helped me be able to send and organize tabs that I would need once I went home as well which was a step I think in the right direction.


Last month as well Fold released its revamped rewards system and so far it has worked out fantastic for me! I was able to up my sats back to 54,303 sats nothing to be frowned upon for purchases! More than once I managed to hit the 5,000 sats back slice which often doubled what I had already gotten back purchasing a given gift card! For me at least this revamp seems to really be working in my favor so I am a huge fan!


The Meh

Last r/crytpcurrency moon cycle I thought I had done pretty well but it turns out I was a little bit off in what I had figured. From what I recall as well the ratio was not quite what I had expected so it was a little bit of a bummer when I only earned 271 moons last month. I did learn a big thing though right before the cycle that I know will help me moving forward and that is that if you delete your comments that either get downvoted to 0 or into the negative range they are taken away from the karma count so it can really help you out if you comment a lot and end up with a few 0 upvoted comments. 


The Bad

Publish0x earnings were down considerably for me last month only bringing in $16.86 across all three tokens 28,493 views. Previously I had brought in $25-$45 a month posting on Publish0x so it was something that really caught my attention. I ended up going back through my posts and saw that most of my posts would stall out around 800-900 views so when taking that into consideration the $0.70-$0.80 a was earning with only 800-900 views wasn't bad at all!


Trying to further my understanding I realized that user growth and tips generated are trending downward still on Publish0x even though the crypto market has been performing very very well this year and there has been a ton of news generated. With the recovery of the market, you would think it would bring people back so understanding the reason why people do not seem to be is still unclear and could just be the result of numerous developments from the general economic situation to people being disappointed in the tokens available for rewards. At the end of it though this is all speculation and hopefully soon we start seeing reversals in this. 


Some Surprises 

I had completely forgotten that I had owned literally 2 XRP way back when the FLARE snapshot was taken and I literally received a crazy 1 FLARE which I can do absolutely nothing with! Coinbase requires you to have more FLARE or the price to be roughly quadruple in value to be able to convert it or exchange it so it looks like that one is just going to be stuck there for a little bit. 


Robinhood Wallet had its first Wallet learn and reward. For a quick 2 MATIC all users of Robinhood's Wallet app had to do was read through the two main types of wallets those being exchange hosted, like Coinbase where you do not own your own private keys, and self-custody, where you are in charge of your private keys. For all of the crap that Robinhood has received over the years due to the meme stock craze, it is important to note that their Wallet app is a self-custody and they do not have your keys! With only having to pay network fees and no swap fees the Robinhood Wallet is a heck of a lot better than it is given credit for. 


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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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