Harvest Finance: Farm Explosion Part Three

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 4 Apr 2023

In my two previous posts, I covered the Harvest Finance farm rollout on the Arbitrum blockchain which you can find here, and the Ethereum blockchain which you can find here. To wrap up this series I will cover the final blockchain that Harvest is currently actively deployed on, Polygon. 


Previous Polygon blockchain farms seemed to really center around forex-type trading with the farms coming from Jarvis Network and either being one that had a contract end date of a couple of weeks or was designed to HODL. Since I had never dabbled in forex trading I had stayed off of these farms since I had no idea what I would really be doing. Recently though Harvest has started to add more of what I would call normal farms onto the Polygon chain and here we see that trend continue! 


These farms come from three different protocols two of which have released several farms on the Ethereum chain. First up is Convex Finance. Harvest has deployed four of their farms so far each of which I have not seen before on the Ethereum chain. Naturally, the first farm is a stablecoin farm so there is nothing fancy there with the pair being amDAI-amUSDC-amUSDT. The other farms though are pretty interesting and definitely different from what I have typically seen from both Harvest and Convex. The farms are amWETH-amWBTC-am3CRV, CRV-am3Crypto, and MATIC-am3Crypto. Overall this is a pretty solid start for Convex farms by Harvest.


Next up is a pretty common provider and that is Balancer and Harvest has added four farms for them just like Convex. Unlike the pretty standard and vanilla Convex farms the Balancer ones are much more unique. The pairs for these farms are frxETH-ETH, SPHERE-MATIC, stETH-ETH, and wUSDR-USDC. Unlike other Balancer farms that I have seen on the Ethereum chain though these are not 80/20 or 60/40 splits and seem to just be 50/50 splits. 


The last provider is Gamma which is built on top of Quickswap in a way that appears to mimic the Uniswap V3 liquidity pools. When Uniswap first released these farms the biggest upgrade dealt with how you could deposit an asset like ETH and it would only be available to trade within a given range and if the price went outside of the range it wasn't deployed in the pool anymore. A total of six Gamma farms are deployed but they only deal with three true pools. I say this because each farm has a Narrow or Wide designation based upon the range the asset will be earning in. The pairings for these farms are MATIC-ETH (Narrow) and MATIC-ETH (Wide), MATIC-USDC (Narrow) and MATIC-USDC (Wide), and finally USDC-ETH (Narrow) and USDC-ETH (Wide)


In total, a whooping 14 farms were released on the Polygon chain! Across the three active blockchains, forty-five farms have been or are about to be deployed! That is an insanely high amount and if you were wondering it was twenty farms on Arbitrum, eleven on Ethereum, and fourteen on Polygon. Once the zap infrastructure is added that will allow users to deposit in these farms with one click a huge opportunity will open up for people to participate in these multilayer farms and I cannot wait to see how it turns out! 


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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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