Brave Updates and its Gemini Partnership

Brave Updates and its Gemini Partnership

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 7 Dec 2021

Recently there have been some changes that I have noticed when it comes to earning BAT and it is something I would have expected. Since the Solana partnership announcement, the price of BAT even with the crypto market pullback has remained above $1 a BAT. This is a pretty impressive feat for the crypto since the market really pulled back hard this last week and BAT really remained within its range. 


However, with this price increase in BAT, it only made sense that some of the ad payouts were going to have to change. I wasn't sure if they were going to do a whole cut for all ads or if a certain ad would be slashed. After watching my ad pending amount payouts with different ads I was able to see where the change was. 


The banner ads that pop up remain the same and have not been cut at all. This means that they are paying out 0.01 BAT per banner ad which is over a cent apiece! The ads though that appear on the new tabs when you open one have been cut in half though. They now only pay 0.005 BAT per ad and every once in a while they will pay the higher rate of 0.01 BAT but this seems to be few and far between. I have thought really seemed to maintain the BAT payouts with these cuts as between the two computers I earned over 5 BAT last month good for roughly $7 when I had checked the price. 


I am beyond impressed with the team for how they have managed to continue to develop the browser and keep increasing the value of BAT. That is a balance that is not easy to achieve and especially over a long period of time however the team has been able to pull it off. A huge part of this in my opinion is the Gemini partnership that freed users from the grasps of Uphold. By far the best thing about this was how you can, for free, transfer your BAT to your Earn wallet and originally earn 3.49% APY. Last week though users were notified that starting the first of this month that the yield was going to change and was cut in half to 1.75% APY.


While I hate that this happened it made a lot of sense. I really struggled to find where BAT was earning an APY that high that could justify the rate that Gemini was paying. At the end of the day though it is hard to argue with the results. I am earning free crypto and then with a click of the button, I can get it to compound and grow without having to pay a gas fee at all! I will be sure to keep my eyes peeled for if the ads face/get cut again as the price of BAT is maintaining this high level that I did not see coming. 


Please know I am not a financial advisor I am just someone who picked up on a trend and wanted to express it! Makes sure you always do your own research and never invest money you cannot afford to lose! If you enjoyed this article and would like to further support me below are a couple of referral links that if you used when signing up I would appreciate it!

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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