Brave’s Running Out of Gas

Brave’s Running Out of Gas

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 7 Nov 2020

I love and continue to love Brave Browser but the issues continue to pile up and become more apparent. While initially I figured that they would be able to squash the bugs and fix the issues that hasn’t happened. The way that they have gone about doing so has really killed the basic idea of BAT rewarding you for the ads you get and interact with. 

August and September where rough times for Brave as they were beset by rewards issues and finally in September did a one time payout to try and fix the issue. While finally they were able to fix the reward issues it was done in a way that really limits ads for people.


Braves’ ads no longer pay what they once did however from an economical standpoint it made sense. Recently though they updated the desktop browser to where if you do not “interact” or click on an ad that appears twice that ad campaign is not shown to you for days. You really get punished for not clicking on the little banners that pop up. It’s a really disappointing thing to see as someone who has used the browser exclusively for a year now and has gotten friends and family to download and use it also. 

While the pandemic definitely had a negative effect on the Brave Browser development team the solutions appear now to transcend just fixing issues. From the outside looking in it seems that they are in trouble.... maybe they paid out way to much and are short in cash or maybe they spent to much somewhere else I have no idea. It is a sad development as I am constantly on the computer for work or school and was able to easily pump out 20 BAT a month to now if I’m really working on it and clicking on banners can hit a whopping 6 BAT.


If you forget about the BAT though and the rewards are turned off the browser itself is an extremely good one to use. It’s a very secure Chrome Browser and in this day and age is an important deal. It’s very disappointing though to see the potential begin to fade away. I am also a iOS Brave user and after months of self tipping I stopped and so now my BAT is just stuck on my phone. As someone who has an iPhone 7 I am preparing to upgrade to a iPhone 12 but due to the frozen BAT it adds another reason for me to hesitate. 

I hope Brave can one day fix all of this and allow iOS users to use their BAT. Maybe with this people would become interested in the project again however right now that’s not the case. The community is frustrated and after defending them even I have reached the point of waving the white flag. For now it seems Brave will be nothing more than a secure browser for me to use as the rewards are nothing to write home about. 

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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