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Naysayers and their FOMO

Cryptocurrency is an unsustainable mechanism that is crafted by many criminal corporations and criminal governments and which will ultimately fail.


This being said, in the mean time, it is much like a rollercoaster which has many ups and downs, but there is a feature of this roller coaster where it sometimes goes to the Moon and back, and each time it goes to the Moon, the distance it travels is further and the amount of people who get there and back is greater than the last time it traveled to the Moon.  Sadly, if this were really a rollercoaster, it wouldn't be possible for it to make it to the moon and back like it does, unless a whole lot of people didn't make it back safely, and they get stranded somewhere in outer space, while those who by dumb luck or ardent planning were able to make out better once they landed back on Earth.


A whole lot of people have to lose, for us to win, those of us who win in this game and end up with considerably more money than what we started with.


In the end, money itself will be worth nothing, and it will be powerless to gain us exit from this rapidly deteriorating Earth to any better destination.  When all of the Earth has become a lake of lava and fire and flooding, all the money we clamor for today will be worth nothing.


While we yet have time to have money, and while people will yet receive the money we have in exchange for the things and services and exchanges we want, we ought to consider our position in life as granted to be a blessing among those who are blessed, and a blessing among those who are not so blessed, and it is imperative that we consider the person who is less fortunate than us, and do not turn our back on someone who asks for help as we cross paths with them.  It takes a lot of courage for some people to ask for help, and if you happen to be the person they came to with that courage, then bless them and tell them it's because Jesus Christ has blessed you, and that they don't have to pay it back, and you will bless that person with a gift that is more than the gift you think you gave them.


There are naysayers in this crypto realm who are also hypocrites, and there are naysayers who are saying the truth.  I hope and pray to not be a hypocrite, and I hope and pray to say only the truth.  I also hope and pray to not be only a naysayer, as I am whenever I speak positively about cryptocurrencies, but I also want to be an encouragement to people who happen to have some extra capital, to go and find someone else to help them with it.  Or if it's not money or "capital," go bless someone simply with your hands, or your listening ear, or simply your time to go and be around them for the sake of spending time with them.  While I'm telling you about some of the observations I have made about crypto and how it's useful, I want to always tell you also that I do believe it will all crash one day, and also in parts, and there will be a time when none of us can access our funds.


With that kind of naysaying aside, now I shall address those who are stuck in a kind of mental, internal naysaying, which prevents them from joining in the trading party, and prevents them from winning dividends for their choices.  It is entirely possible that these people might read what I'm saying right here right now, and decide to not be like this, and they decide to go and start trading and winning, and yet they make some poorly-timed choices, or perhaps the markets just decide to tank tonight, and they go from bad to worse in their mental view of their self, and of the crypto markets.  I would feel horrible if I knew that my words led someone to that, and I don't want that to happen.  My words are not able to tell you when to make good choices or when to make bad choices.  I'm simply saying what I have observed, and I assume that anybody who reads entire paragraphs that are longer than 140 characters today is also endowed with intelligence and attention to be able to make independent and rational decisions regarding their own money.


Rather than attempting to convince fence-sitters to "dive in" and start trading cryptocurrency, I'm writing this in a way to say "us vs them," so to say.


In a few months, assuming that the Moonshot goes according to plan, and Bitcoin's value tops out over $250k, possibly up over $1m, and assuming that I'm still trading during that time, and I happen to make the right decision to pull my money out while it is still worth a lot, then I will be able to look back on these words and the rest of the words that I've written, and smile and know that there are a few other people who are also sitting on a fatter stack of cash than before, and now we can enjoy that.


There will be the other side of that climb, where people watch the value of BTC drop rapidly from whatever peak it reaches to whatever next long-term resting/destination value range that it'll sit at for the next year, two, three, or four.  Going down that slope, of course it's expected for the naysayers to be out in chorus, saying, "See?!  We told you so!!" as the new articles come out declaring that the sky is falling upon those whose fortunes are vanishing seemingly overnight.


All that's going to happen, sure, and all that will be amplified by the talking heads and news pundits and ai bots, but what isn't in the news are all the millionaires and billionaires who quietly minted their fortunes by foresight or dumb luck, by having cryptocurrency in November of 2022, instead of November of 2024.


When we look back on these days when we were thrilled to see Dogecoin surge to $0.16 or Shiba Inu climb its way up to $0.000016, or like today, when we're watching Bitcoin bounce up and down off the floor of $16k that it's been hovering at for the past 24 hours or so, when we see these days from the future, after riding this cryptorocket to the moon, we'll be able to say things like, "We basically printed money!" and "I have an infinite money-making machcine!"  Words of joy and exuberance can easily flow, furiously filling our minds and eyes with wonder at what we might indulge in with all our newfound wealth.. The more words we use, the more intoxicating they become, and the easier it is to wander from what we know is right.


Rather than gawking wide-eyed at dark dreams of wonder, we should be already focused on Jesus Christ and the wonder of His love, and His preeminence in all that we do.  From a Kingdom-oriented mindset, I already know that my funds aren't really my funds.  My money actually is God's money.  It does not belong to me, but God gives us what we have, and He has designed this life to work so that we would give back to Him the biggest, best portion of what He has given to us, and the rest of it, He sees how we will use it, whether we choose to use it for His Kingdom, or not.


I'm not rich today, in terms of having a fat bank account, but I could be tomorrow, with the way things are going, or one of these tomorrows soon.


I am rich beyond all measure, in another sense.  Spiritually, eternally speaking, I am rich because I know about the Word of God, and I know that He is returning soon to take us all to be with Him forever, who believe in His Son Jesus Christ.  This kind of richness is not something that I could have earned or produced in or of myself, but I am rich because God chose to make me rich.  I am strong because I have realized I am weak, and I have learned to trust Jesus Christ to be my all in all.  


I do not use much money as it is, and if I were to, say, have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or millions or tens of millions of dollars, I would not use much money then, either, because I do not need to, but God would have reasons for all that money coming my way, and I would be glad to send it wherever He wants it to go.


Should it all crash tomorrow, instead of making me wealthy with this world's wealth, I'll be even better off, because I will have the risk of the love of money diminished, and I'll be able to focus more on other things.


As it is, I am content.  Whether it changes or not, I will be content.  When it changes, I will be content.  When it was before all that it is now, I was content.  After these days when these days are no longer, I will yet be content.  Today I am content.  Jesus Christ is why I am content.  I am sometimes flabbergasted that He would choose to use His creation in the way He chooses to use His creation, and it is by holy fear that I know to obey the Holy Spirit and to sing praises.  It is by faith that I have traveled to this point, and faith is the way where I will go.  Whether the days are dark or whether the days are light, it is faith, hope, and love which are eternal and eternally comforting.


There are different kinds of ways to say love, and one way that the King James Version of the Bible says it sometimes is by using the word "charity," and I love this word, and its meaning, because I love the God Whose Heart this word reveals.


This word for love, "charity," is the kind of love which invites a stranger into your home; it is the kind of love which takes cares of the needs of others; it is the kind of love which is considerate of and looking for ways to bless others in ways which they may not or cannot ever repay, simply out of a heart of caring love.  When God's Word describes faith, hope, and love as eternal, when everything else passes away, it is this kind of love, this charity love of God which has enveloped us for all time, and which will never let us go.


We have authorized access to more resources and riches than all the banks in the world combined.


We have been granted more power inside of each of us than all the nuclear power plants on this planet combined.


We have a greater space of infinitude from within which we may grow and learn and go to God than all the boundaries and broken bounds anyone has ever known.



The world may say things like, "Here, take my ever-increasing-in-value-money-printing-machine, it'll make you rich forever!"


We know the truth of all things, and we can discern between what lasts and what is temporary.


Soon, there will be a lot of people who have been vocal naysayers while they have sat on the sidelines all this time, who have not been trading, who have not been investing, who have not been believing that they could work the crypto markets profitably, but who will suddenly switch and become "traders," once the markets begin taking off and going vertical.


A lot of these naysayers will hold out to buy in until any profit they make will be negligible, and this will give them even more reason to naysay and complain about how the markets are rigged.  Yet, these kinds of naysayers are going to be some of the primary driving force behind the next Moonshot, and it will be their "Fear Of Missing Out," or, "FOMO," which helps drive the prices into astronomical territory again.  All it takes is for there to be some multiple of people greater who are ready to buy, with some multiple of funds greater than the normal going volume, to create a spike which gets noticed by the bots, which creates a bigger spike which gets noticed by more people, which generates more eyes, and more interest, and more news and fake news articles, and then we're all of a sudden several days into the next Moonshot.  It's all FOMO, nothing more, nothing less.  It's a frenzy.  It's a lie.  It's a pipe dream.  It's a lot of people singing the same songs together which they were not singing before, and which they will not sing afterwards.  It's a whole lot of hubbub that will crash with calamity when it crashes.  The Moonshot only happens because there are a lot of (insert adjectives here) people who are willing to buy in when Bitcoin is skyrocketing in value, and they choose to leave their money in until after it crashes in value, after all the people who are the most shrewd with their crypto investments will have already cashed out at or near the peak.


Rather than buying in today, when BTC is about $16k and all the altcoins are at nominally low values, there are masses of people who will naysay all the way until BTC surpasses $32k in value, and then there will be masses of people who naysay until it surpasses $64k in value, and there will be naysayers who naysay all the way past $120k, $250k, and all the way up.


There will be those who decide to buy in during the Moonshot, in the early part, in the middle part, in the late part, and it is these people to whom I gratefully say "Thank you, and I hope your investment pays off in the next Moonshot, if there is one!"

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