Evolving out of the chrysalis
Evolving out of the chrysalis

By KiBLS | Choosen Community Poems | 12 Oct 2019

Evolving out of the chrysalis

Now i have some inspiration! 
Am I really loyal to a certain nation?

Now i have some insights! 
Do i really fight for human rights?

Now I have some informations! 
Am I ready to dispel such fabrications?

The pattern is ready to appear! 
Am I ready to act, now and here?

To speak truth I have been instructed, 
regardless how big a lie was constructed.

I will dispel these crazy flurry of lies. 
I will become one who really flies.

(written by @KiBLS, @Gup_katyusha, @promisetrinh, @Deceptions)

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Authors: KiBLS, Gup_katyusha, Promisetrinh, Deceptions | Written: ~07.04.2019 | Published: 10.04.2019 | German translation: Follow soon! | License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 | e-Book: Choosen community poems


Cryptic, profound, inspiring and thought-provoking poems mixed with some impressive 3D graphics. KiBLS is poet and multimedia artist from germany. My poetry collection on publish0x: www.publish0x.com/kibls/kibls-poetry-xlxyry

Choosen Community Poems
Choosen Community Poems

This book contains 23 poems so far and was written in 2019. I have written with an incredible number of talents. Incredible masterpieces have been created!

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