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By ChangeNOW | ChangeNOW Announcements | 15 May 2024

Guess what, crypto fans? ChangeNOW is thrilled to announce that USDT TON is now live on our platform! This means you get the rock-solid reliability of Tether combined with the next-gen tech of the TON blockchain. Yep, it’s a big deal and we're here to tell you why!


What’s the Buzz About TON and Tether?

TON (The Open Network) is a community-driven blockchain project that's building the Web3 ecosystem right inside Telegram. We've already written about the TON history, so if you want to learn more - follow this link!

Tether (USDT) holds the crown as the top stablecoin by market cap. It's pegged to the U.S. dollar, meaning each token is worth one dollar, making it a go-to for avoiding those wild crypto price swings. Think of it as your safe harbor in the stormy seas of the crypto market ;)

The Power Duo: Tether and TON Team Up

TON has teamed up with Tether to bring you USDt on the TON blockchain, aiming to make the most popular stablecoin accessible to over 900 million Telegram users. That’s right – they’re not playing around. In just four weeks, USDt TON has smashed records, with over $200 million in circulation. Fastest launch in Tether’s history!

Why ChangeNOW for Buying USDt?

Here’s why ChangeNOW is your go-to for grabbing some USDt TON:

  • Low and Transparent Fees: No hidden costs here. What you see is what you get, making your transactions clear and straightforward.
  • Instant Exchange: Swap your crypto for USDt TON in no time. Our tech ensures super-fast and seamless transactions.
  • Competitive Rates: We keep an eye on market trends to give you the best exchange rates around.
  • No Registration Required: Skip the lengthy sign-ups. Trade your crypto hassle-free, no account needed.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Got questions? Our support team is here around the clock to help you out.

Why USDt is a Game-Changer for Global Transactions

Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s CEO, is pumped about this partnership, saying it aligns perfectly with TON’s vision for a borderless financial ecosystem. The integration aims to make global transactions as smooth as possible, bringing traditional financial system efficiency to the blockchain world.

This partnership is huge for making crypto a part of everyday life. It’s especially great for newbies, combining the perks of digital currencies with the stability of traditional money. USDt on TON is your gateway to exploring DeFi on Telegram.

How to Buy USDt TON on ChangeNOW

Ready to dive in? Here’s how you can buy USDt TON on ChangeNOW:

  1. Visit ChangeNOW Website: Head over to
  2. Select Your Crypto: Choose the crypto you want to exchange (like Bitcoin).
  3. Enter USDT TON as the Destination: Type in “USDT TON” in the “You Get” field.
  4. Enter the Amount: Specify how much crypto you’re swapping.
  5. Provide Your Crypto Wallet Address: Double-check and enter your USDT TON wallet address.
  6. Confirm Transaction: Review and confirm the details.
  7. Deposit Your Crypto: Follow the instructions to deposit your crypto.
  8. Wait for Confirmation: Pet your 🐕🐈  while we process your exchange.
  9. Receive Your USDT TON: Once done, your USDT TON will be in your wallet.

Earn Extra TON Coins

Telegram Wallet has launched two fun campaigns that let you earn extra TON coins. Want in? Buy USDt TON on ChangeNOW and join the action!

DISCLAIMER: ChangeNOW doesn’t offer trading advice. This guide is for educational purposes only.


Bringing USDT TON to ChangeNOW is a huge leap in making TON-based assets mainstream. By offering this to our users, we’re helping you get in on the ground floor of DeFi and blockchain apps on the TON blockchain. It’s a testament to our commitment to keeping up with the ever-evolving crypto world and providing you with the latest and greatest tools.

Announcement: We’re gearing up for a special campaign to celebrate USDT TON’s listing on ChangeNOW. Stay tuned for details on how you can participate and win awesome prizes!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of USDt TON with ChangeNOW!

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ChangeNOW Announcements
ChangeNOW Announcements

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