New Brave Rewards UI! V.1.31.37 - BRAVE NIGHTLY COMMIT UPDATE

Greetings Devs, Bloggers, and Crypto enthusiasts!

Today, I'll be briefly covering the latest update to Brave Nightly v.1.31.35, or commit code 60e9ba8. Seemingly from nowhere, Brave randomly dropped an entire new rework to the Rewards drop-down menu.


If not, that's why I'm here. Everything from the verification buttons, to the font to the scheme itself got a major overhaul. And I must note, I am absolutely adoring it. Much cleaner, vehemently gorgeous, and has a slick purple color going with it (that matches the purple of the old Rewards UI) and makes it pop


Unlike the "VPN" I covered in my last commit post (which, for the TL;DR readers, was a non-functional UI for planned VPN to be implimented), this GUI is fully functional, Yes, that's correct, down to the send tip button (and the fact that if you have dark theme active in Brave's Flags, It's not an eye-scalding white anymore...) to the settings icon. This is tried and true, an abundant amount of changes can be found within this new UI. And it's not just from the Rewards icon next to Brave's Shields (Brave's Adblock), this affects the Rewards settings in their entirety.


Hopefully we see more updates to come within the next few months (or however long it may be)!

In summarization, Brave's new Rewards UI looks ubiquitously amazing! I feel it compliments ushering in the new era of the Gemini Wallet.

Larga vida al BAT!
See you in the next article.


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