My experience with

My experience with

By Shattered | cesar cantante | 14 Jan 2021

Hey guys, today, i wanted to talk about my experience with so far.

Why?, Because i can't record my new cover yet, so i have time to do this hahaha.



What is

What is you say? Acording to @orxad " is a new platform that just launched about a couple of hours ago by the same team behind @Read.Cash However, unlike, was designed like a microblogging platform where users can share their thoughts in form of short and really snappy posts and still earn Bitcoin cash".

I got this page thanks to a post placed on Uptrennd, where it says that it is in Alpha testing (early stage). At first i didn't know what was this all about, because at first sight it was absolute chaos: lots of people speaking their mind, others sharing quotes, facts, you name it, and i was amazed, because anyone can get to speak anything they want (legally speaking of course), without any censure (unless someone posted something illegal of course), and i saw that some post had tips and stuff, so i started to get into this game, i just confgurate my wallet, nickname and everything needed.

My first post was the typical "hello world", thinking... "Ok, i know no one will answer this, no one knows me, and i'm new, so nothing will happen until i get more subs" and stuff like that, so i didn't have too much expectations. I couldn't be more wrong.

The first thing that happened was that out of nothing, i recieved my first tip (like $0.02 give or take), and lots of likes. I was shocked (yes, i got impressed by small things, i enjoy life).

The first day was nice, i learned that there are 2 sections (besides your own profile section): The Suscriptions section (where you can see only your subs' posts), and the Explore section (where you can see all the posts... of everyone, the chaos). I also learn that you can recieve randomly FreeTips so you can tip other users, and you can fix the amount that you can give (from $0.01 to all of it), and the coolest thing is that you can get to keep a percentage (that you can fix) of the tip you are doing, cool feature, it's similar to Publish0x.

The second day my text box had changed, now i can post images instead of pure text, a really nice feature, it helps to do many things, like post memes or screenshots for some info, stuff like that. It helped me to post some links for my articles posted here, and for my videos. The other thing that happened was, all the beggars (those asking for tips and subs) and spammers had dissapeared, thanks to the good moderation team's new policies they implemented, a great move.

the third day was amazing. it was the first time i started to actually have conversations with the other users, i've met a lot of nice people, and my subs (and the amount of people subbed) increased a lot, so i started to do other kind of post so i can keep my account active, like useless facts, sharing my articles from here and talk to other people, to engage in the conversation, and i can say, i'm loving this platform.


What can i get from this experience so far in

This is a great platform to speak your mind, it has no bias, you can actually engage with people, share the things you love or are passionate about, your experiences in life, or anything you want, and you can get tips (and give tips) of Bitcoin Cash for it. What else can you ask for? This has been a nice experience, and i can't wait to see what else we will have from in the future.


Would i recomend it?

Absolutely. this platform has done a lot for Bitcoin cash, for the community, and this is the first platform i find that doesn't have a toxic communiy, which is amazing this days, and the best part is... It is in Alpha testing, just imagine how it will be on Beta. 11/10, totally recommended.


Thank you all for reading my article, if you like my content, please consider subscribe, give a comment and if you really liked it, you can always give a tip, that woukd be awesome.

I want to thank the community for being so nice to me, and i'll see you there, posting some useless facts.



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Thank you for reading this, love you all <3


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cesar cantante

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