The Beginners Guide

By CEDCryptoCoin | CEDCryptoCoin | 5 Nov 2019

The Beginners Guide

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Tewkenaire, its mechanics, and how to start your endless faucet of TRX gains using the smart contract.


Smart Contract?


A smart contract is a piece of programming language that is set-in-stone and can't be changed or removed. The smart contract of Tewkenaire handles the tokens and trx without any human input or interaction.

Launch 4.11.2019

So...what is Tewkenaire(Two-Ken-Air)?


Tewkenaire is an immutable Defi (decentralized finance) smart contract that allows you to exchange Trx for "Tewkens". Tewkenaire is an hourglass style contract. This style of smart contract was created by a dev team from late 2017 called Team JUST with their project POWH, or Proof of Weak Hands. POWH was token that, to put it quite simply, mints you ETH for the lifetime of the Ethereum blockchain, as long as you hold them in your wallet. Every Token holder receives ETH every time any other user buys, sells, or transfers the token. The amount of ETH a token holder receives is based on the number of tokens a user is holding. For example, say there was 100,000 POWH total. If you were holding 10,000 POWH, you would own 10% of the supply. This means that if someone were to sell or buy tokens you would receive 10% of the 10% fee. The idea of the contract is that there is a cycle of buy pressure from people buying the POWH token that over time pushes price up as people get in because they want to earn ETH. When the buying slows down and comes to an end the hourglass is flipped and sell pressure begins pushing the price down as people sell. And so the cycle will repeat. All while the users who sit in the middle of the hourglass by buying, selling, reinvesting, and withdrawing. The idea is to reward those who sit in the neck of the hourglass.


What makes Tewkenaire Different?


The POWH Style contract is great the way it is so we didn't change much. Still, 10% buy and sell. And still 1% fee for transfers. But there is one issue it has and that's the way it started. POWH started with 20+ ambassadors. Ambassadors are people or wallets that would seed the contract and get in first before everyone. These wallets jobs are to hodl and keep the floor price of the contract rising as they never sell. This also means that they made the most and could sell for a huge profit.

The definition of an ambassador is as follows: a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity. This is the job of the POWH ambassadors. But they weren't obligated to stay around after a huge profit so they could sell and leave. We saw this as a big problem so we decided to change a line of code that said "Ambassadors CAN NOT sell their token balance for a profit. They can only reinvest or withdraw the trx that their tewkens earn. IF they choose to sell, instead of being charged 10% sell fee, they are charged a 100% sell fee! Meaning 100% of their value will distribute the trx to the entire Tewkenaire community as divs! This is a HUGE change! This means that the ambassadors are, for lack of a better word, "married" to the contract. So they are motivated to continue to build and promote the ecosystem as they have zero incentive to leave. They have only the incentive to continue to push the Tewkenaire economy to thrive so their tewkens continue to distribute them trx! Our ambassador list is comprised of over 30 people comprised of developers, marketers, and social influencers. These types of people make the best ambassadors!


How Does It Work?


This Defi Exchange is operated ONLY by an open-source Tron blockchain smart contractSmart contracts are immutable. This means no one can falsify or change what this contract is programmed to do.

When you exchange your TRX for Tewkens, there is a 10% exchange fee initiated. 9% of this fee is distributed as TRX to holders and the other 1% goes back to the user as frags purchased at (These are deflationary tokens that get burned on every transaction so you may want to hold onto them as they become more and more rare over time. You can read more about fragtoken here.) This means that if you exchange 1000 TRX into Tewkens, the exchange will instantly grant you 900 TRX worth of tewkens, and 10trx worth of frags due to that 10% tax. Now, unlike EVERY OTHER EXCHANGE ON THE PLANET, that 10% exchange fee is then evenly distributed to all the tewken holders that have used the exchange and hold Tewkens. The distribution of the TRX is based on the number of tewkens each person holds. There is no dev fee or bonus that goes to creators.

After you've purchased your freshly minted tewkens, every time a person uses the exchange just like you did, whether to buy or sell, you will get a share of that 9% based on the number of tewkens you hold. If a user transfers tewkens to another address, there is a 1% fee that also goes to tewken holders. Earnings accumulate in real-time and you can withdraw the trx at any time. There are no locks or freezes so you can always exit and sell at any time. But you will get charged that 10% sell fee so don't catch weak hands syndrome :)

For every purchase or sell there is a 0.000001 TRX increase or decrease in token price. So every time someone buys 1 TRX worth or tewkens the price goes up by 0.000001 TRX making your tewkens go higher and higher in value! But when someone sells 1 TRX worth of tewkens the price drops by 0.000001 TRX causing the price to go down. Reinvest into the dip to increase your share for bigger future earnings!

We also have a great referral program. Share your referral link and get a bonus. For every buy used with your referral link, you get an extra 3.3% of the buy fee. So, for example, if your friend buys 1000 TRX worth of tewkens, you will get 33 TRX that you can withdraw instantly! Our referrals are not permanent, so this means you can do great referral trades. Use someone's referral link for a purchase and let them know so they can use yours in return. Then go to someone else and do the same!

How to Get Started


The first thing you will need to do is download the Tronlink chrome extension. This extension will allow you to interact with the tron blockchain and our Tewkenaire smart contract. After you've downloaded the extension, click on the TronLink icon at the top right of your browser and follow the steps to create your wallet. Make sure you store your passphrase and your private key in a safe place because you can lose all your funds if lost. After you have created a wallet, you will need to purchase some TRX from an exchange. Go to the Tewkenaire website and click the "Buy Trx" tab at the top. This will take you to where you can create an account and purchase TRX with BTC, USD, or other cryptocurrencies. Enter the amount of TRX you would like to buy into the box and click next.

Screenshot (50).png

Go back to your Tronlink and click receive and copy the address


Screenshot (51).png


and then paste it into changelly.

Screenshot (52).png

Click "Next Step" and confirm the details and send whatever currency you are using to the address they provide and you will receive TRX to your tronlink in a few minutes.

Once you receive your TRX into your tronlink wallet you will need to freeze some TRX for energy so that your transactions are free. (If you don't freeze TRX you could end up paying 1-3 TRX per transaction on Tewkenare) To freeze TRX visit If you are logged into Tronlink, your wallet will connect to tronscan.

Click "Wallet" in the top right corner.


Screenshot (53).png


In the drop-down, click your TRX balance


Screenshot (56).png


On the next page, scroll down to the very bottom and click "Freeze"


Screenshot (54).png


Enter in the amount of TRX you want to freeze for energy. We recommend at least 1,000 TRX. This will give you enough energy to interact with Tewkenaire a few times a day. (The more you freeze, the more transactions you can do.


Screenshot (55).png


Now you are ready to buy some Tewkens and start earning! Navigate back to and click "exchange" at the top.


Screenshot (69).png


This is where all the magic happens! Here you can buy, sell, roll your earnings and withdraw. To get started, navigate to the buy box and start typing a number. Specifically, the amount of TRX you want to use to purchase your first batch of Tewkens. After you decide on a comfortable amount of TRX to spend click "Buy". (Be SURE that the amount of TRX you use to purchase Tewkens is an amount you are comfortable exchanging and can afford to lose. Never play with more crypto than you can afford to lose. EVER! This is a smart contract but it can be very volatile in price action)


Screenshot (70).png


Congrats! You just purchased your first batch of Tewkens! These babies will mint you TRX until the Tron Blockchain stops finding blocks!

Now that you have your Tewkens, I could bet you my last TRX that you already have some earnings to claim in the "Wallet" section!

This is where you will constantly receive TRX from others in the community getting in and out of Tewkenaire. You can even see the frags token bonus you got from buying Tewkens.

On the right, you will see the "Actions" section


Screenshot (77).png


This is where you can "Roll" your earned TRX or withdraw them. Click "Roll" if you would like to use the trx that has accumulated in the "Wallet" section to purchase more Tewkens and increase your share for the long term. Or click "Withdraw" to pull them out of the smart contract and into your private wallet.

Every day you will be faced with a wonderful decision, "Do I roll these TRX back into Tewkenaire to build my Tewken share to collect even MORE Trx? Or should I withdraw them and save them for a rainy day, or even let the TRX build up and wait for a better Tewken price to get back in?" There are many different strategies one can use to make the most out of Tewkenaire. There is no wrong way to play!

When the time comes, 30-40 years from now, after you've earned millions of TRX from being in Tewkenaire, you may want to sell some tewkens for a little extra profit. You can do that by using the "Sell" feature.

Screenshot (78).png

Type in the amount of Tewkens you would like to sell for trx and then click "Sell". Once you sell your trx WILL NOT go straight to your wallet it will appear in your earnings section where you can click withdraw.


Why would I want to be a part of Tewkenaire and Purchase Tewkens?


That's Easy...


Holding Tewkens means that you will constantly be receiving trx from every single transaction that happens in our smart contract for the lifetime of the tron blockchain. As long as the tron blockchain is online (very likely 100's of years), and as long as people are transacting with the contract (why would people stop wanting free trx), you will receive constant drips of trx that you can withdraw instantly!


Tewkenaire is already bustling with a huge community dedicated to keeping Tewkenaire fun for years to come. Join our telegram and come see for yourself


The birth of a contract like this requires a deposit of trx from the developer. In the early days, this meant developers had a huge advantage over their community as they would get in first then ride the price up then dump the tokens on their community and kill their project and run away with the earnings. With Tewkenaire THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! Our contract is designed in a way that the seed wallet that launches the contract cannot dump it's holding PERIOD. If the wallet sells, 100% of the trx from that sell will go to Tewken holders! So in a way, we hope he exit scams.

No Fraud

The Trx you deposit into the smart contract isn't held by any person or group. The Trx in the exchange is handled only by an open-sourced smart contract. Again, this contract is immutable so there is no owner who can decide to take all the trx in the contract and run away.


This contract is owned by no one. It is managed entirely through defi and blockchain tech. The contract is programmed to run by the rules set and can never be changed. It can not be shut down. Even if the website goes down. There are other back-up sites that connect directly to the contract and will always allow you to interact with the contract.


Anyone can view the source code running this smart contract and verify it. To be honest, if anything was wrong with our smart contract, you would know by now.

For any questions




This should not be treated as an investment as nothing here is guaranteed. This is a immutable smart contract but that does not mean that you will be profitable. Make sure you have read this guide and understand how everything works before purchasing and never play with more than you can afford to lose.

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