Pre-registratiton game on Tron Network TronCrush - start 19hod

Pre-registratiton game on Tron Network TronCrush - start 19hod

By CEDCryptoCoin | CEDCryptoCoin | 25 Mar 2019



Platform start 3hod 24min = 04:00UTC+1 26.3.2019



TronCrush is a unique betting game based on TRON blockchain. Comes from Candy Crush


TronCrush will go live soon and is now holding a PRE-registration event, join now to enjoy 1.1x mining at launch.



There are 3 dice in the game. Players must play them one by one. When a dice is played, the payout will be sent immediately based on the result and odds. And when all 3 dice are played, the round is complete. Players will then be able to get an extra bonus according to their lucky number


Mega Jackpot

Part of the game revenue will be placed in the Mega Jackpot.
There is a 2 min countdown in each betting round.
For each bet over 200 TRX, 10s will be added to the timer but never exceed 2 minutes.
When the timer reaches zero, the last person to bet over 200 TRX wins the Mega Jackpot.
With this unique design, TronCrush is expected to have a healthy and sustainable growth that will last longer.



TronCrush will be launched soon and is now holding a pre-registration.
 When you join now you can enjoy 1.1x mining at launch.

To pre-register, just visit their site and register wallet address
Currently, only 1853 users have been pre-registered and are growing fast




Pre-registration link -


Official webpage

White paper 





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