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1. 7tron platform introduction

The 7tron team has supported a decentralized nature of the blockchain since cryptocurrency inception. By combining our extensive experience in game development and blockchain technology, our team has created a high-performance gaming platform where transparency and fairness are taken as a core principle. 7tron is a decentralized gaming platform based on TRON smart contracts. In order to achieve a healthier and longer-term development of the platform, we have built a distinctive token economic system through which all players can be a part of platform control and receive dividends.

2. How to start an account

To start playing games you need to have Tronlink wallet installed. Tronlink is a browser wallet for TRON. Your wallet address will be your account identifier, while logging to the Tronlink wallet you will be automatically logged in to 7tron. The entire betting process does not require the user to create an account and provide any private keys or passwords.

3. Supported tokens

7tron currently supports TRX and SVN tokens in TRC20 format.

4. What is TRX, how and where to buy it

TRON network is among the biggest blockchain-based operating systems worldwide. It is highly scalable, has high throughput and is able to support a wide range of decentralized applications in its ecosystem. TRX is the native digital currency of the TRON blockchain. There are several ways to buy TRX instantly. One of the most convenient ways is to buy it from cryptocurrency exchanges if you have other cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH or USDT. TRX can also be bought from bank deposits or wire transfers, there are quite a few services/exchanges that provide you the access to fiat linked crypto wallets where you can deposit fiat and exchange it for cryptocurrencies like TRX.




5. Referral program

By introducing 7tron to your friends, you’ll be rewarded with a referral bonus from their gaming activity for life. Just place your referral link on your website, app, or social profile and receive 7% of all SVN tokens obtained by user invited. You can find your referral link on your account, under the tab Referrals. The reward will be credited to your balance of available tokens automatically with each bet made by your referral. There are no limits to how many times you can share your link and receive a reward.




6. Community

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7. What is SVN

SVN is a TRC20 format token on TRON blockchain. TRC‌20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the TRON network. The supply of tokens is limited to a total of 100 million SVN and no addition is planned.

8. How to get SVN

SVN can be issued as a token reward when users bet with TRX in the game or received as a reward by participating in referral or bounty campaigns.

9. Usage and fundamental of SVN

The underlying idea of token emission is receiving dividends. Every player who bet in 7tron games will receive SVN tokens that after freezing will pay dividends to their holder. After placing SVN token on exchange market they will be available for trading.

10. Potential and prospects

SVN token will be available to trade after placing on cryptocurrency exchanges. Over the first 12 months after placing on exchange market, we will buyback from the major exchanges up to 25 percent of all SVN tokens issued. Following the buyback program, it is expected to gradually reach the price of $10 per 1 SVN providing incontrovertible benefits for every holder.


11. How to earn dividends

Only SVN that are frozen can receive dividends. Tokens that are frozen can technically receive dividends on a lifetime basis.




12. Dividend accruals

Dividends will be distributed automatically every 24 hours to all SVN holders proportionally and solely to the ratio of frozen tokens. Dividends distribution will be made in the TRX cryptocurrency and will happen without users involvement making this process easy and safe.

13. Tokens freezing and unfreezing

The act of freezing your SVN tokens will lock them in place for a certain number of days, that will provide you with a share of dividends until they are unfrozen. The process of unfreezing requires 24 hours. SVN tokens that were unfrozen (or in the process of unfreezing) will not be able to participate in dividends.





14. Installing Tronlink

Tronlink is a browser wallet for TRON. It enables you to send and receive TRX, TRC10 and TRC20 tokens.  To install Tronlink, download the extension from Chrome web store and enable it. Once finished, you will be automatically logged in to 7tron, emails and passwords are not required. Send TRX from your other wallets or from exchange to your Tronlink wallet to start betting.

15. Dice

To play Dice you need to be logged into your Tronlink wallet and own TRX. Set your bet amount and select a prediction number by adjusting the slider. Decide, whether you want to roll over or roll under of prediction number and place a bet. If the lucky number is within the criteria of your selection you will be paid according to the odds, the loss will be deducted. The amount of winnings and odds will vary in accordance to how you set the slider. The lucky numbers are generated by smart contracts and conform to the natural probability model.




16. Marker

To play Marker you need to be logged into your Tronlink wallet and own TRX. The Marker ring consists of 54 sectors of four different colors. Each of the colors determines the multiplying value in case of a win. Set the amount of your bet and select the color you want to bet on. When the timer expires, the ring will start to rotate, and the marker will stop at one of the colored sectors. If your color wins, you will get a reward at the corresponding multiplier. If you lose, the bet amount will be deducted. The algorithm of random is written into the smart contract and no one can tamper with it.





17. Random number generator

The random number generator is an important core component when it comes to having a secure reputation. All games on the 7tron platform are based on smart contracts deployed on TRON. We can't interfere with the generating of random numbers, this ensures the fairness of the game.

18. Verifying Transactions

All data in the generation process is recorded and published on the blockchain. With this information, everyone can easily check if there was any manipulation happening during this process. All transactions can be found by navigating in profile. To check the transaction hash, go to https://tronscan.org/


Website - https://7tron.io

Telegram - https://t.me/dapp7Tron

Twitter - https://twitter.com/dapp7tron



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