I'd rather say I'm improving…

By charmingcherry08 | CC Writes | 4 Aug 2022

If you read my recent article 'How I Built My Kingdom,' you knew that I protected myself. I built walls to guard myself because I do not want to be hurt again. The things I mentioned in the recent article are the foundation of who I am today. Some noticed the changes. They kept on telling me that I changed. No, I'd rather say I'm improving.

Before protecting myself, I asked a question first. Is this what I want? My mind told me that yes, this is what I need to do and not just one of my wants, while my heart said that she's tired so I have to do something. Little by little, I started working on the simple changes and adjustments for myself. Here is the list of some of them:

My perspective about love changed. It isn't about giving it all, and love should not consume everything from you. It should help you learn how to set boundaries for yourself. I discovered that love has a give-and-take process, and you don't need to give and give. You must receive something too.

I learned to love myself. Not everyone can love themselves more than you love someone. I know that we already heard this advice from everyone, like love yourself first and all. Admit that it was hard on the first try, especially when you came from a relationship where you gave your best shot in everything. In loving yourself, start from accepting your flaws and imperfections, and then try to make a positive thought about them. There, you will appreciate yourself more and will eventually open your eyes to how worthy you are.

Confidence is important. I was always insecure with every simple thing before. But as soon as I learned to love myself, I realized that I am someone you are not. I have something that you don't have. These ideas kept on pushing me through the mirror to look at myself. It gave me the meaning of confidence and how important it is to survive in this society. Then on, I learned to compliment myself, so I will not need any from others. I started praising my work without waiting for someone to do it for me. And, I became proud of myself even if no one is proud of my existence. The confidence is.

Appreciate the people who stayed with me. It is just simple and takes no effort to appreciate the people who chose to stay with you. Never mind the people who walked away and left you, as long as there are people who never thought of leaving your side. It is one of the best things that I learned throughout the years - to appreciate people who stayed with me through hot and cold.

Yourself comes first. I learned to prioritize myself before anyone else, but it depends on the situation. If the consequences would be breaking me again, sorry, but I will choose to save myself from that and let you suffer. I cannot make the same mistakes I did before because I preferred keeping someone when I was more worthy of saving.

The things I mentioned above are the changes and adjustments I made for myself. But if you will tell me that I changed, I will prefer to hear that I improved for the better. That is what it was for - an improvement of myself.

Each day, people have the chance to be better and to do better things. It is either for yourself or the development of something worthy. We always have the opportunity to see the beauty of improvements when we work it within us. If you are making adjustments for your own sake, that is good. And if you are changing your perspectives and mindset into something spectacular, then you are the best. But if someone ever asks you why you change, lift your head and tell them, "I'd rather say I'm improving."

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