What A Cat Eats Is Influenced By This Quirky Factor!

By Cat And Dog Tips | Cat And Dog Tips | 12 Jun 2021

We wanted to make you aware of a quirky inbuilt factor that cats use to determine what they choose to eat. 

It is sometimes said that cats can be finicky eaters. Whilst this may be true of some of our feline friends, a potential reason for this might surprise you.

Cats left to their own devices are known to scavenge and live on a less aesthetic diet than their more spoiled family-owned cousins but you may be surprised to know that a study has shown that cats actually have an in-built sense of the nutritional value of the food they eat.

A study conducted at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition threw up some interesting findings

it concluded that although cats are initially drawn to food by its aroma and flavor they tend to consume the more nutritional foods if the option was available.

Fish was shown to be the subject cats favorite flavor but believe it or not the cats gravitated toward consuming the more nutritional food regardless of flavor.

Interestingly Orange flavored food was a popular choice for the cats in the study because of its nutritional composition.

Should you be changing your cat's diet?

Well no, many commercial cat foods today are composed with a cat’s nutritional needs catered for but there is some great advice on what to consider when feeding your cat in the link below


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