Kryptomon - Potential NFTs and Game for 2021!

By Timmytushoes | CasualCrypto | 7 May 2021

So this one I sort of have to rush out, in order to get it out in time for it to be relevant to anybody who might see this blog or post!

Krypomons is an upcoming game that will feature Tomagotchi, Cryptokitties, and Pokemon esque mechanics. In order to 'start' the game, the creators are having a special event right now, which ends in June. You can join via their site, where your goal should be to be within the top 10,000, in order to receive 1 of 10,000 Kryptomon eggs. These eggs will begin to hatch in Phase I, where caretaking and breeding will begin, along with staking and earning possibilities. These 10,000 initial eggs will be the foundation to a game similar to Axie Infinity, where the only way to gain access will be to receive a scholarship or acquire a set of creatures from a breeder, which could be one of us! 

If you manage to make it into the top 100, which mind you, requires almost 500+ points. You will be able to receive a Gen 0 Kryptomon, which will have special abilities and earning potential compared to future generations. Also, 1 in 1000 eggs will be SPECIAL, presumably some sort of variant or shiny aspect will be applied, with bonus potential/abilities outside of battle.

After Phase I has completed, Phase II will begin, with these creatures being able to battle in a Pokemon style battle arena.


Excited? You should be, this looks like an awesome project! If you could, please join via my referral link, this will allow you to claim, requiring you to submit your name and an email address.


After doing this, you will have the opportunity to gain additional points by joining their discord, telegram, and posting on different social media!


One thing to note is that these eggs will NOT be completely free. You will need to pay gas fees associated with the transference of the egg, however, this should not be too expensive as it will be on the Binance Smart Contracts network. At a later date, I will post an article about how to create a MetaMask wallet, and then I will do a supplemental article on how to connect BSC Network to that MetaMask wallet, which will enable you to hold your asset there. As such, these are not really FREE NFTs, but they are a very nice option to get a low-cost entry point into an NFT game!

There are of course risks of this not panning out, but I still believe this is a good opportunity to share with the type of people who would be interested in what Casual Crypto is all about. Keep in mind that my goal is not to advise you in NFTs or Cryptocurrency as an investment, my goal is to expose you to different, low barrier opportunities. This one has a risk of not panning out, but I think it's a very good opportunity with a lot of potential, but it also has equal amounts of risk. I don't know if it makes sense as an investment strategy, but it DOES make sense as an opportunity to acquire a low cost NFT which will grant you access to an NFT game.

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