Farsite - New NFT Game Coming Soon!

By Timmytushoes | CasualCrypto | 12 May 2021


You guys should check out Farsite, a space RTS game that uses all of its equipment and crafting items as NFTs. IT also happens to LOOK GOOD and play in your browser. Awesome!

You can join via this link to get bonus stuff. This game has not started yet, and right now they are giving away starter equipment and special airdrops and bonus items for early sign ups! This is an easy way to get an early headstart on an upcoming NFT game before the ship sails, and more importantly, you can do so for FREE.

You will be asked to submit your email, and then choose a password. After doing this, you will receive 1000 points for confirming your email, and then additional points for doing other tasks on the list. This includes inviting friends, interacting with their social media, etc etc. Each time you hit a new milestone, you will receive an item that you will be able to use and equip at launch. Currently, the total points needed to get every bonus item is 100,000, however, this should be relatively easy to acquire.

Finally, they are also doing special air drops of additional loot, which, each point you receive increases your chances of receiving an airdrop! These drops will be in addition to your bonus starting items. 

I believe this is a good looking project, with crisp art, and more importantly, true game functionality. Moreover, the use of NFTs will give the game potential for additional value AND you can get ahead of the curve on it (Looking at you Alien Worlds)

You can check out a trailer below!

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