CBD and Recovery

By savagezen | Carnivore Jiujitero | 24 Apr 2020

The following is an archives self study from July / August 2019.  It is not specifically carnivore related, but fits the open science biohakcing tactics I support.

Please refer to full study content on Google Sheets.  The following conclusions were drawn from the linked data:

Sleep Quality: As you can see from the Pearson and T-Tests, CBD dose had a much higher impact (stronger correlation) on sleep quality than training volume.


CBD dose had a positive correlation with fatigue, meaning symptoms were reduced. However, training volume had a negative correlation with fatigue, meaning that as I trained less, fatigue symptoms increased (the could be due to training intensity). The strength of each correlation was similar.


CBD dose had a strong positive correlation with soreness, though there is a similar relationship here as with soreness -- decreased training volume increased soreness symptoms. However, correlation to CBD dose was about twice as strong as training volume.


Mood and stress were specifically left off of the wellness questions that were included in my previous sodium / recovery study. My "day" job (mental health) is extremely stressful and the severity of which is very difficult to control or predict. However, anecdotally I noticed a significant improvement in my daily mood when the CBD oil was taken in the morning rather than at night. These improvements could have happened at night, though I did not notice because I was asleep. Mood improvements could also be related to better sleep rather than dosage timing. It is important to note that the mood improvement was very different than a/an over/stimulated anxious feeling. I felt calm, but more upbeat though not anxious or manic.

Side Effects:

The first day or two I had extreme acid reflex when taking CBD. I have heard this confirmed by a could other family members, so I don't know if there is a genetic factor as well. However, it was intense, so much so that I was up most of the night, wishing I could vomit and be done with the situation; but that didn't happen. No amount of Tums / Rolaids and cold water would quell the symptoms either. I had to unpleasantly wait it out.

Follow Up:

Follow up research would more strictly control training volume and document training intensity as well. Additionally, allowing for quantifiable control of dosage timing (e.g. morning or night) would provide quantitative evidence to subjective observation. In spite of calculated correlations, it appears that there are notable factors related to recovery that cannot be accounted for by training volume or CBD consumption alone as both factors had relatively strong correlations and very low p-values.

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Carnivore Jiujitero
Carnivore Jiujitero

This blog explores and details my journey through a carnivore lifestyle amid combat sports and striving to optimize human performance and mental health with a practical and statistically grounded flair.

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