4 Interesting Things That Happened In BAT/Brave Ecosystem

4 Interesting Things That Happened In BAT/Brave Ecosystem

By Chenhuang_defi | CanUHodl | 25 Jul 2019

Good use for BAT fans this week as a LOT has been happening. I’m a real believer in BAT so you’ll be hearing a lot of BAT-related talk from me, but it’s not just me ranting about why BAT is the best ERC20 token or what not. I pulled together some of the bigger news of the week and summarized here, so you’ll see that the headlines are actually decent improvements that are going to get the BAT and Brave ecosystem moving!

Almost every week, you hear BAT and Brave making some big headlines for whether it launches a new program, does well against other browsers or has some new publisher/content creator hop on to its verified publishers list. 

And today’s summarization of the week’s news is kinda like that!

1. Brave Partners with SLIVER.tv and Theta Network

More partnerships have arrived for Brave as they have now partnered with SLIVER.tv and Theta Network. This partnership goes two ways - SLIVER and Theta will become verified publishers on Brave and Brave will become a sponsor on SLIVER, and will run ads alongside the platform’s biggest streamers. As for Theta network. Brave is set to become the official browser for relaying videos. As the announcement says, “users can earn BAT rewards for consenting to viewing ads in the Brave browser, while at the same time earning TFUEL for relaying video on the Theta Network.” This increases the number of website publishers on BAT and Brave to nearly 27,500:


2. Brave Ads Launches in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland

Brave Ads is a big program that lets users earn BAT tokens for viewing advertisements - and now it is available in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland! The GitHub page shows the update and the enthusiastic response from the community. All users from these countries have to do is enable ads to get started.


Also, more interestingly and in what could be a big move for adoption, the next country Brave Ads will launch in will be Japan!

3. Someone Bought a Ziliqa (ZIL) Domain from Brave Ads

So apparently one user has spotted a lot of .ZIL (from Ziliqa) ads while browsing, and has bought ZIL domains. For those who don’t know, Ziliqa’s domains are aimed at readability and human friendliness. On top of that, it lets users send a bunch of different crypto assets to that domain easily. There are some technical improvements with this domain name as well. 


It’s fantastic to see very different projects come together in this way. 

4. GitHub has been added to the Brave Publishers’ Platforms

BAT and Brave’s YouTube and Website Publishers’ List, both of which have a huge number of members already, has just had GitHub grace its already stellar list of verified platforms. In other words, you can get tipped with BAT for your contributions on GitHub. The team had been working on making GitHub a verified platform for some time now and I’m glad to see that it finally came through. GitHub is an excellent addition.


Source: Reddit

This is a pretty big deal. Imagine how much support open source efforts could receive for their very underappreciated work. 

And that's quite a lot in such a short time for BAT and Brave. Can't wait to see what Q3 and Q4 bring!


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