MCO to CRO Swap on

MCO to CRO Swap on

By mekon | Called Life | 3 Aug 2020 is now doing a swap from MCO to CRO beginning August 3, 2020. 

According to their FAQ you can swap anytime from August 3rd to November 2nd, 2020. If you swap early you will get a 20% bonus in CRO but the bonus ends September 2nd. I swapped my staked MCO and it retained the staking period and the 20% bonus went into a 3-month "earn" account even though it was far short of the 5,000 CRO that is normally required to make a "earn" deposit!

Even though the 50 MCO stake after conversion fell far short of the new 5,000 CRO stake requirement I am able to retain my staking benefits that I previously enjoyed with my 50 MCO stake.the swap rate I received was 1 MCO = 27.64 CRO and I received the 20% bonus for a total of 1 MCO = 33.1726 CRO.

According to the blog, they are consolidating  the two tokens in preparation for mainnet launch and the swap will not be automatic. MCO tokens that are not swapped by November 2nd will remain as an ERC-20 token, but will no longer support them. If they are being  held outside of, they must be transferred to before they can be swapped.

The new staking tiers are higher than the old ones, they are:

Ruby (Was 50 MCO) 5,000 CRO *Updated August 4, 2020 1,000 CRO

Jade/Indico (Was 500 MCO) 50,000 CRO *Updated August 4, 2020 10,000 CRO

Icy White/Rose Gold (was 5,000 MCO) 500,000 CRO *Updated August 4, 2020 100,000 CRO

Obsidian Black (was 50,000 MCO) 5,000,000 CRO *Updated August 4, 2020 1,000,000 CRO

Get in early while the 20% bonus is active!


Called Life
Called Life

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