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MCO to CRO Swap on

3 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment mekon is now doing a swap from MCO to CRO beginning August 3, 2020.  According to their FAQ you can swap anytime from August 3rd to November 2nd, 2020. If you swap early you will get a 20% bonus in CRO but the bonus ends September 2nd. I swapped...

Cryptocurrency Adoption - Generalities in the Global Financial Space

30 Jan 2020 2 minute read 1 comment mekon

Cryptocurrency in the Western World According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the estimated 2018 Median Household Income in the United States is $60,293.00. While the United States surely is not "on top of the world" where income is concerned, it is the...

Free TV 2020 - Three free resources for cable cutters

17 Jan 2020 2 minute read 2 comments mekon

With the birth of smart TV's and devices like Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, and Roku a lot of people have cut the cord with their cable television service providers, but their is usually a catch. First, you lose out on local broadcast channels and seco...

All about me

17 Jan 2020 1 minute read 13 comments mekon

  Welcome to my first blog post! I was approved today as a "publisher" and decided the best thing I could do as a "first post" would be a basic introduction, so here you and I are! As I learn the platform, I'm sure my posts will improve, with cool t...


My Experience With Brave: Great Browser, Shitty Rewards

16 Sep 2020 darren242

16 September 2020
I'll only say this. How much does chrome give you? How much does Microsoft give you? How much does Firefox give you? I'll stick with Brave. Good browser - and any rewards is better than no rewards. And I've been using it for almost 1 year - my rewards are 344.739 BAT - not great, but not bad.

What Can I Watch On Youtube To Expand My Knowledge?

9 Sep 2020 msos222

09 September 2020
No mention of Crypto Lark? He's actually one of the best.

MCO to CRO Swap on

3 Aug 2020 mekon

06 August 2020
Updated to reflect August 4 CRO staking requirements change. Now it's cheaper to get the MCO Card than it was before!


30 Jun 2020 Tarcam76

30 June 2020
You know this is already done, right?

Electroneum phase one ended no more free ETN .

20 May 2020 Cryptohem

20 May 2020
Is it even worth messing with to transfer it to Kucoin to sell if I have less than 200? That's like probably more in fees than it's worth.?.?

FLAT.FM - Music Streaming Platform - 10 Years online !

16 May 2020 Chriss

16 May 2020
Interesting, just not into techno right now.

The REAL Coinpot Roller Trick with PAYMENT PROOF

27 Apr 2020 Thomas Wolf

27 April 2020
Very similar to what I do, but I do run more faucets - at least 10 times each/day on average (try to hit my 100 faucets daily star) and I don't cash out as often as you do, though I should probably change that.....

Layah Heilpern on Professional Journalism in the Cryptocurrency Space

21 Apr 2020 TheDesertLynx

21 April 2020
Actual "professional" journalists are becoming rare in this world.

Bitcoin is behaving weird.

18 Apr 2020 MadMaxx

19 April 2020
Buying and Hodling hard.

Is It Possible to Make Money to Survive in Quarantine Times with Cryptocurrencies and their DAPPS?

17 Apr 2020 derwin25

17 April 2020
Not really, unless you're investing a whole lot more than it would take to survive in the first place.

Lets Talk About The "Pi" Crypto Chapter 1

6 Apr 2020 JBalmoja

06 April 2020
Thought you weren't supposed to copy/paste on Publish0x?

The Good, The Bad, and The Good Looking ~ The MCO Debit Card

1 Apr 2020 Von_Harley

01 April 2020
Good if your traveling, meh if not. Don't think many are traveling right now.

10,000 Satoshi's a Day, Every Day

29 Mar 2020 Thomas Wolf

30 March 2020
I do something similar. I have my coinpot stuff, and Publish0x open on Brave, then use another tab(s) on Brave to watch YouTube videos, between video(s) or during a podcast I'll hit the faucet captcha's. I run the coinpot multiplier roll pretty much 24/7. I have a really old laptop that doesn't use much electricity to pretty much mine coinpot tokens all the time and also have it running honeyminer (single cpu no gpu) all the time. I have an old cell phone plugged in to the laptop USB (battery is basically gone) that I use to run the COIN app, Pi App, and Electroneum App on 24/7 - no phone service just use the house wifi. At night when I go to bed, I will also run honeyminer on my laptop at low settings (1 cpu & 1 gpu) with the coinpot multiplier still running in the background. I close the faucets and etc. at night and turn off honeyminer during the day. I do it on Brave to catch most of the ad's they throw my way, then I'll use Chrome for other web stuff. Oh and I also have QoinPro account, but it is really passive and only check on it once a day.

Goodbye Project HYDRO 😭

25 Mar 2020 Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

29 March 2020
I think I'll wait till they do a full stop on Hydro before I withdraw. No point in making Publish0x lose money on the transfer while they still use it to tip. Save them a little bit.

4 Bitcoin (BTC) tips to spend your time at home

25 Mar 2020 MichDon

25 March 2020
Staying occupied doing the moon faucet setup.

Excalibur (1981) Boorman's Cult Movie about Immortal Legend (Review)

25 Mar 2020 Genaro

25 March 2020
Really good movie. I remember watching it on VCR back in the day.

1,906.2400 HYDRO Minimum Withdraw 😱 How The Crypto Crash Affects Publish0x

14 Mar 2020 Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

14 March 2020
It's my understanding that the disbursement of "tips" on Publish0x isn't linked to the value of a given coin over another. The disbursements are made based on the amount of coins that Publish0x has received to disburse. Publish0x is crypto "agnostic" they aren't beholden to any single currency, but the currency they receive is the the currency they give out. For example, Publish0x received XXXX BAT through a grant for disbursement and development, they have a "formula" that they use to disburse 0.X BAT per tip to maintain their platform, when said BAT grant (or whatever crypto they are currently tipping) runs out, it's out unless they receive another grant.

ETH/USD - Crash update

11 Mar 2020 BlessPatrick

11 March 2020
Love catching the crypto on sale!

Covid-19 Coronavirus Outbreak: Is the United States Government Covering Up the Spread of the Disease?

5 Mar 2020 Thomas Dylan Daniel

05 March 2020
They approved a $8.3 billion dollar budget to fight the outbreak, I don't think that is "underfunding" and they've already identified the 2nd strain and already developing an antivirus. I've already been through the "regular" flu this year, and I know several people that have had both the "normal" type-A and type-B flu this year. We already have numerous deaths per year from regular "flu". I think it's a particular nasty variant, but still in a hopeful position that people with the "flu" (of any sort) self quarantine and use some common sense. But that is one thing the world is woefully lacking - common sense.

BAT, Mass Adoption and Related Matters - An Open Discussion

2 Mar 2020 Bragato18

03 March 2020
I missed the Coinbase Earn, though it has me on some mystical "waitlist", I missed out on the brave "grants", so my guess we're still somewhere in the "early majority" on your S-Curve?

Liked Articles

Uniswap Token – The Token That Broke Ethereum

17 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments Violet64

Over the DeFi boom that has occurred on Ethereum a common theme with new platforms was giving out a governance token. COMP, YFI, CRV and many others are examples of this where tokens were bought or farmed by users in order to be able to vote on the f...

My Experience With Brave: Great Browser, Shitty Rewards

16 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments darren242

I've been a Google Chrome user for most of my lifetime using my computer (Ignoring Internet Explorer) and have been a fan of searches in less than a second, useful widgets where I can read reviews or check operating hours before going to a restaurant...

August Publish0x Ambassadors Leaderboards Contest Completed: $160 in ETH Paid Out!

16 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Igor Tomić

I'm announcing this almost a week late and this is because of all of the happenings around high ETH gas fees and our decision to start paying out once per month, instead of once per week to save on gas costs... but it's finally time to reward our amb...

September - A Month to Remember

15 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments Thomas Wolf

Now that the FOMO behind DeFi destroying altcoins is more or less behind us, it leaves me questioning what comes next.I am also evaluating how relevant current market activity will be to the outcomes I am looking for in future investment opportunitie...

The new Sun King

14 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments KiBLS

The new Sun King You already know that Corona means "crowning". Don't believe in a virus! It's like a clowning! The pope relinquished his title as Jesus' deputy. I'm going to dissolve now this fake complexity! The One and only will appear! The new Su...

What Can I Watch On Youtube To Expand My Knowledge?

9 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments msos222

Hello! In this thread i want to share you the list of my top 10 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain YouTube channels which can help you to get into the cryptocurrencies. (in random order) #1 Altcoin Daily  Link to his channel:

Getting rich is not very difficult

17 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Bala

In my opinion, getting rich is not very difficult. Instead of staying rich forever is something that can be difficult. Millionaires and billionaires are not someone who becomes that overnight unless they are born to a billionaire or millionaire. It t...

Ethereum integrated as tipping coin in Publish0x.

7 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments alberdioni8406

The platform is always evolving and each time with an awesome news to share with the community, Ethereum have been added as tipping coin on Publish0x, meaning readers and writers can now receive and earn ETH being tipped.  Ethereum joining the other...

THE GREEK DARK AGE (c.1,150 - 800 BC)

7 Jul 2020 7 minute read comments YouveBeenGreeked

[ABOVE: Possible routes of the Dorian Invasion, c.1,250 - 1,150 BC] For about 50 years, in around 1,200 BC, the major palace centres of Mycenaean culture were burnt to the ground, with the major remnants of the civilization following suit in 1,150 BC...

Is This V Shape Recovery Of Bitcoin Is A Warning For A Big Drop ???

29 Apr 2020 4 minute read comments moon333

In my previous article we have seen that the Bitcoin was forming bull flags on the small time period 4 hour chart and during the bull flags formation the price action also formed a down channel. And after breaking out the down channel resistance the...



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