Free DASH - PipeFlare's Third Free Coin, Straight to Your Wallet

By Byzantius | Free Crypto Blog | 1 Sep 2020

PipeFlare is a faucet that drips directly into your wallet.

This is unlike other faucets that can't be withdrawn until you reach a minimum amount.

Coins Available

PipeFlare has offered both Zcoin (ZEC) and PIVX. It just added a new faucet--DASH.

Ease of Use

Create an account (email and password), answer a recaptcha, and claim one time per day. Your total coins are available on PipeFlare to withdraw. Once you add your wallet address, the coins will go directly to your wallet each time you claim. I use Coinbase for the ZEC and DASH, and let the PVX add up on the site.


You can earn bonus amounts for:

  • claiming using the Brave browser,
  • linking your social media,
  • making referrals, and
  • claiming on consecutive days.

When you reach 5 days in a row, you get a bonus worth up to $5.00!

What to Do

Go to PipeFlare and start getting free crypto now! (And if you want to be cool, use my referral link--it doesn't affect your payout, and it helps mine!)

(And if you're interested in more reliable and proven faucets and other free sources of crypto, check out my earlier recommendations here and here.)

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Free Crypto Blog

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