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Where I Score Free Crypto, and You Can Too

By Byzantius | Free Crypto Blog | 20 Aug 2020

  • A few months back, I set out to see if I could make a few bucks in free crypto. I didn't think I'd get rich, and I haven't. But, I have made a couple hundred bucks (see the pic!). Here's how (with links):


I track my free crypto in Coinbase. I know there are complaints about it, but just as a clearinghouse for the various types of coins and token I get, it serves my needs just fine. At the end of the year, I will transfer it all to my Bread (BRD) wallet. There are 8 ways I get free crypto so far:

1. Coinbase: You can refer people to Coinbase and get $10 in Bitcoin when they buy or sell $100 of crypto. If you don't have a Coinbase account, click the link and sign up for one. I've earned $20 this way.

2. Coinbase Earn: In Coinbase, you can head to the "Earn" section and get free crypto by watching videos and answering questions. Various coins have been offered, with more to come. Currently, you can earn: (a) $10 in EOS watching videos + $30 for referring people; (b) $10 in Stellar Lumens watching videos + $30 for referring people; and (c) $9 in Compound watching videos. I've earned $79.

3. Coinbase Staking: Coinbase lets you "stake" certain crypto coins, which is kind of like earning interest. It lets you stake USD Coins, DAI, and Tezos. So far, I've earned $0.17 from staking. Not much, but I'll take what I can get.

4. Publish0x: On Publish0x, you earn crypto by (a) reading and tipping authors on articles; (b) writing articles and receiving tips; and (c) earning a fraction of tips given by people you refer. I've earned about $25, and have another $2-3 pending.

5. Brave Browser: Easy money. Following the link to download the Brave browser on your phone, laptop, desktop, and tablet--get it for all of them. Make it your primary browser. Keep Google (or whatever) as your search engine. Brave will eliminate most ads, and after you enable Brave Rewards, Brave will send up to 5 unobtrusive ads per hour and will give you crypto (BAT) for allowing these ads (no need to click). Brave pays out at the end of each month. I've earned about $30-40 this way.

6. Global Hive: This is so simple. Click the link, register (I did it through Twitter, so like two clicks), and claim ZCash. You can click once per day. It is deposited directly to your wallet. Easy.

7. Coinpot: This will sound complicated, but it's not. Below, I will list 7 sites. First, create an account here at Coinpot. Then go to each of these and claim from the faucet. You need to finish a CAPTCHA for each. These sites give you fractions of different crypto coins for each click, and let you click every 3-15 minutes. At Coinpot, I convert all these fractions into Litecoin, then withdraw the Litecoin. I've made about $20 this way.

  • Bonus Bitcoin: Claim fractions of Bitcoin every 15 minutes
  • Bitfun: Claim fractions of Bitcoin every 3 minutes
  • MoonCash: Claim fractions of Bitcoin Cash every 5 minutes
  • MoonDash: Claim fractions of Dash every 5 minutes
  • MoonBitcoin: Claim fractions of Bitcoin every 5 minutes
  • MoonDoge: Claim fractions of Doge every 5 minutes
  • MoonLite: Claim fractions of Litecoin every 5 minutes

8. CoinMarketCap Earn: Copying Coinbase, CoinMarketCap introduced its own "watch videos and get free crypto" program. Unlike Coinbase, earning isn't instant--you need to wait until the offer ends before receiving your coins. For me, there's uncertainty, but it was worth taking a shot to get some free BAND. That promotion has ended, but they assure us there will be more.

The beautiful thing about crypto is that it can increase in value--so the last $15 I've made has been gains from the crypto increasing in value!

If you have any other proven ways of earning free crypto easily, post in the comments and let us know!

(Note: Where possible, I have included links. For some, I get a referral bonus. Not for all. None of them take away from the bonus you receive! I'm appreciative if you use them!)

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