A Reliable Faucet with a Low Withdrawal Threshold

By Byzantius | Free Crypto Blog | 28 Aug 2020

There are a lot of faucets and other sources of free crypto. I don't use or share links to most of them.

Many have problems (for me). I want to know:

  • It's easy,
  • I can earn a meaningful amount relatively quickly, and
  • I can get it into my wallet.

Any faucet that pays fractions of a cent but won't let me withdraw until I've reached $10 in value is out. After all the daily clicking, I want to know my earnings are mine. That said, I only recommend things I use that meet these criteria.

Here I am referring Best Change.

Use a Bitcoin address and begin claiming satoshi (small fractions of Bitcoin) hourly. You can withdraw once you've reached 3,000 satoshi (about $0.35 USD), which is an easy to reach threshold. Each claim I've received has been from a few satoshi to a few hundred satoshi, at random. 

That's it, happy hunting!

(And if you're interested in more reliable and proven faucets and other free sources of crypto, check out my earlier recommendations here and here.)

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Free Crypto Blog
Free Crypto Blog

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