A novel Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum being tested with Polygon’s zkEM

A novel Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum being tested with Polygon's zkEM


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Matured phase of working layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum

So wow!! … around 2019, I was frustrated with Ethereum thinking where were the working Layer 2 solutions to scale it?.

Looks like now, Ethereum’s layer 2 solutions are maturing, so although Ethereum is still a costly network to use, it’s a little less costly when we use Ethereum apps in Polygon. As I knew Polygon I thought it was mostly a child side POS chain where Ethereum transactions can be done in a cheaper and faster manner.

So, you can take ETH and other tokens to Polygon via a bridge for which you have to bear Ethereum network fees, but after that you can transact in Polygon where fees would be cheap while transactions prove speedy.

Well, that was a very basic Plasma based scaling solution of Polygon for Ethereum but looks like it’s evolved.

Recently, Polygon has announced that it’s got the equation right, spinning out another scaling solution for Ethereum using Zero Knowledge Technology, that is (ZK) tech at play!!

So, wow… atleast now, Ethereum is getting more and more convenient scaling solutions.

Polygon, since the time it was called Matic, always functioned leveraging Ethereum’s security. Matic tokens are staked on Ethereum chain with validators using Ethereum Networks security, so whatever transactions that happened on Polygon can be verified on Ethereum, maybe its final state.

Polygon’s Zero Knowledge Proof scaling solution for Ethereum using roll ups

Now Polygon’s zkEVM, is a layer 2 protocol that scales Ethereum using roll ups. This Zero Knowledge Technology based protocol, batches various transactions into a roll up and validates them in layer 1 Ethereum by sending the roll up as a single zk proof to the Ethereum mainchain where it gets validated.

So, multiple transactions are batched into a roll up and sent as a zk proof into the Ethereum layer 1 Network where it gets validated. This scales Ethereum as many transactions that’s rolled up in a zk Proof are validated as a single transaction in the Ethereum main chain.

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Grand news that Zero Knowledge Proof scaling solution looks to function satisfactorily to scale Ethereum

Right now, this zkEVM scaling solution will be tested in the testnet version before its released but the Polygon team has confirmed that the solution’s performance is satisfactory in terms of scaling the Ethereum Network. This is great news because earlier, although the zk technology was thought promising, implementation was not feasible as it was an expensive and time consuming process.

Polygon’s zkEVM is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, meaning that any Ethereum smart contract deployed here will function as it does in Ethereum, albeit with increased speed and decreased cost. Same developer tools and programming language that’s employed in Ethereum will be operational in zkEVM as well!!

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Polygon zkEVM’s EVM-equivalence makes it a grand hit with both the users and developers.

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Of course, today there are so many layer 1 Blockchains out there that are fast and cost efficient, still it’s good that Polygon has come up with a cutting edge scaling solution that scales up Ethereum. Obviously, I feel this could have been done earlier, it would have eased up my frustrations dealing with Ethereum, still all these scaling solutions are handy for ETH and ERC20 token holders, and those who use Ethereum’s dapps.

This is my third continuous article on Polygon, so I feel like I scored a hat trick. Ha!!

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